What is better for raid rewards?

Hi all,
I have a max def team of 2800 not rainbow or 2600 rainbow.
What i want to do is maximize the rewards from raid chests al long time.
The question is about the differences betwin gold raid chests and silvers one.
I’m doing the cup dropping strategy in order to have easy win in ~all raids and being able to open the chest 2-3 max 4 hours after it spowns (except in the night obviusly). Thats because in my opinion being able to open sooner the chest is better than opening the gold one (i dont know for sure but i think that i need 4-5 more hours to open the gold one, even at low gold elo.
Things to consider over the best reward al tong time:

Being able to open more chests makes elemental chests spown more often.

Even if i’m always one of the best in war in my ally, i think that plaing too much easy raids can makes me less strong and able in war and hard match ups while doing raids in gold makes me fight against hard and stronger enemy than me so i can train all days.

Mostly my interest is abount wich strategy can help me growing the more.

Another little question:

Am i right saing that cup dropping and Consequently losing some ally points doesnt make any downside, even little one, to my ally?
Ofc we arent a top ally and in my opinion what we should do is only training how to play, growing in the 6 teams for wars and being active, i think that the number of ally power is totally worthless and its just a decor.
We have an accademy in order to receuits new player so in my opinion that does not even influence the entry of new people

Dear @Marcus_Horatia
For your first question:
If you are a Cup Dropper then TP of defense the lower the better, no point in using strong defense if you don’t aim to hold your ground.
For your second question:
Silver … diamond I have had raid on all those titles and I see nothing (thats me) makes diamond rewards better than silver rewards. I am a cup dropper too and I like silver more. No stress at all and way make fun.
Also playing in silver allow you to try new lines with different positions of your heroes, you just need to respect your enemies no matter the tp they have, attack on the weak as hard as you will if was more stronger than he/she is.
For your 3rd question:
Nope your cups aint effect your allie that much unless they require amount of cups from each player to stay involved. In this case I advice you to get in a casual alliance to learn from elders and vetrens and in same time no one to push you hard for improvement, this is the best way to play as a cup dropper, and to stay inlove with E&P … the more stressful times you get the faster to press uninstall the app.

Have a great day.


Hey Marcus, I was a cup dropper for quite a while. I aimed to stay just under gold, and then would pop up in to gold to claim my chest, then drop back down. I found that raiding got a lot more enjoyable as I accumulated more strong heroes and was able to start being more strategic in choosing who I sent on a raid, rather than just having one strong team, and am now contending hard to get up into diamond.

I think cup dropping is perfectly valid, if you enjoy completing your raids at that lower level. The difference between silver and gold as far as loot seems to be very minimal.

The advantage to being up in platinum or diamond is that you start to have a (very small) chance at getting rare ascension materials - so if you’re still able to consistently fill chests at that level, it can be worth it over cup dropping - but it sounds like you still have a while before you’ll be up at that rank.

You’re correct that alliance power is just decor. Unless your alliance is contending to be in the top 100, I don’t see any reason to care what that number is.

And of course, this is a game - so even if strategically it makes more sense to be at a higher rank, if you have more fun at a lower rank - do that!


Thank you guys for the gentle replies. Yes ofc i know that i have to put a low def team to cuo dropping :smile: and that a good strategy is to open the chest right at low gold/plat etc.
I only wanted to give u the more info i could and i’m sorry if i made some mistake at texting in eanglish.
Actually i have hard time at stay gold low/middle so odc i cant open plat chest. My idea is to enjoy a new rank after my team get stronger; silver now, then gold, llat, diamond (if SG gods will bless me with enought lucky, i’m f2p).
I didn’t know the plat/diam little % of ascension items, thank you for the info!

I played exactly as you are, keeping a defense team about 1k lower in power than my hitting team so that I could fill my chest quickly and slowly rise in rank. While I’ve since changed my strategy I don’t regret my earlier one.

Fairly recently I decided to keep the best defense team I can so that I can practice seeing which heros make the better defense for wars. My alliancemates also would like to be in the top 100 again, and though they didn’t pressure me to increase my cups, I decided I’d rather have a harder time filling my raid chest and not hold them back. I do purchase gems when they’re cheap, so if you’re free-to-play and don’t skip chests the speed at which you fill them has a much bigger impact on your gameplay.

What I’ve discovered since changing my raid strategy is that I’m a lot more powerful than I thought. Because I’m forced to work hard to take down opponents and defend myself from them, I’m figuring out which heroes work well together and which ones get in each other’s way. It’s been a great learning experience and I not only understand my heroes better, I also understand my oponents’ heroes better.

It’s well worth it and I highly recommend you try it some day, at least for a little while, after you have 2-3 good rainbow teams so that you can play with different heroes and stack colors.


There is no difference between all raid chest in loot. This is one fact I’ve experinced my self. I got AMs on diamond and I am still getting AMs in silver. I am F2P as well, so if being on platinum or lower diamond was any good for me I’d do. After all who doesn’t like to have more AMs!
People who are competitive are playing in diamond only for braging rights of being 1/2/3 places or on top100.
Only this reason there to have as many arena titles!
But loot … no way I’d buy that diamond loot is better than silver.


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