What is best. For getting stronger. Emblems buildings or troops and why

  • Emblems
  • Troops
  • Buildings

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In my opinions troops are best. Then buildings and least emblems. Buildings esp farms and mines are needed for production. Troops are uniforms and give more than emblems.

Please your motivation

Best in any particular context?

Or just your overall feeling of total value?

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Ok, I’m plumping for buildings.

High level items, including some of the new hunters lodge gadgets are important in pushing A4* team through events and trials.

And the venerable Tc20 is the backbone of the f2p/c2p game.

With better heroes and items, everything else is achievable.

Troops can’t drag you up in the same way.

And emblems are a cherry on the endgame cake. Without the other components they are fairly useless.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:


Buildings are an entirely different conversation imo. They offer different resources that affect all aspects.

I would agree troops offer more to a hero however I would argue unlocking a revive or an evade as examples will add more value than a troop at points.

So it is hard to compare any of them. They all get done no matter what.

I am struggling to see why the vote?


Buildings, surely? Without high level mines, farms and storage you can’t level the barracks up high enough or store enough food to level up your troops, so for me buildings have to be at least a couple of steps ahead at all stages (not to mention the barracks itself is, yes, a building).


My answer is from F2P perspective, having played more than 2,5 years.

Early in the game, definitely buildings. Once you get your TC20s running, you will also have your other buildings close to maxed and they become less relevant.

Then troops. But when you finally get your 4* mana troops to level 17 or 23, advancing them more becomes so slow that improving them is practically not possible.

And in the end, you will have only emblems left to improve your heroes.


I strongly agree.

I am finding Harpoons more useful for tough bosses then titans.

Though still my favorite titan battle item.

I strongly agree.

After 1.75 years ( Boril ) and 2 years ( Cyprian ) I finally got 4* counterattack heroes. They are incredibly used against certain enemies, and no troop gives counterattack.

Titanium shield gives reflect which is even better.

Wu Kong, Rigard, Grimm, Melendor, Boldtusk, Kiril, Vivica are all game changers.

I would put emblems above troops.

You can put emblems on a 2* / 3* healer if you have no better healer.

But troops do not give heroes healing ability.

You can put emblems on good 4* healers while RNGoddess refuses to give you any 5* healers except Vivica ( who is cool ).

And troop XP is incredibly low since only troop drops are 75% 1*, and 25% 2*, troops.

Hopefully a future building lets us train troops.


If this is a matter of what gets the food/iron first, then buildings followed by emblems followed by troops (unless troops are really low level). Don’t let builder be idle, the food/iron will come back quickly enough. Letting builder idle is a permanent setback. If this is about spending gems to accelerate buildings, grab troops in portal, or buy emblems, then I’d say the emblem deals are top priority, and building acceleration is ridiculously expensive, troops in the middle.
You can wonder whether advancing a troop gets more bang for the buck than embleming a hero, only because you can use the troop more frequently than the hero except for times when you have one hero in a color much better than all others. But each emblem node provides a big boost for a hero, such as 2% defense increase for its food/iron cost, while the food/iron quickly becomes really high to boost a troop one notch. For me, I made sure to be generous with the farms anyway, so food wasn’t an issue for troops up through at least level 17 anyway.

Have you seen what you need to boost emblems from 14 to 15? :smiley:

Without beefed up buildings you will run out of food FAST on troops.

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