What is best 4* and 3* hero to pull up

I am in an alliance with 4* and 3* heroes i just wanna ask ur opinion which of those is best to level up. All info is highly appreciated. I posted what i have right now. Thanks

My two cents are to keep in mind what heroes aren’t top quality heroes and don’t waste ascension items on them. These are hu Tao, colen, and Kellie. Many people don’t rank them well. Level up gormek for his high hp and defense lowering special. Boril is good for raiding defense in the beginning. Colen might be worth it if you don’t have a better red and don’t want to wait.
You can also try raiding with your 3 reds. That should do some good and win some fights. :slight_smile:

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If you got AM for all 4* go for it! just keep a bunch of really good 3* for the event specials. Keep in mind that certain colours are reflected there…

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If you want to see the usefulfness of your heroes, here’s a topic:

Visit the website in the first post and open the spreadsheet on that webpage.

Just as @Rojor said, continue upgrading Gormek. He’s one of the best, if not the best, in your current hero-bench. Boril is also useful. I agree he’s better in the beginning, but some people use him to take down bosses in special events or even the tougher heroes in higher ranked raids. They make effective use of his special attack; riposte. Unless you’re pretty sure you’ll have a good chance of getting another blue 4* hero, I would just ascend and upgrade him also. Here’s a YouTube channel which gives you an insight of his usefulness in the first few video’s (latest).

Concerning Hu Tao and Colen, I’ve been in the same situation. The first 4* I received was yellow; Hu Tao. After I upgraded him to his 3rd ascension I received Chao and wondered what the best decision would be. I asked for advice and I decided to leave Hu Tao at 3-60, to keep my ascension materials for Chao. I don’t regret that decision. I have found Chao more usefull and last-minute live saving, but he’s not yet of the same level as Hu Tao. So for now, Hu Tao is still tanking (middle position) in my defense team. You might want to leave him at 3-60 also and look for a better hero.

Colen. He’s my only red 4* hero and since I had a fair amount of ascension materials I upgraded him to the 4th ascension. I stack him with Nashgar/Hawkmoon in my raids, but rarely end up using his special attack there. If I had Gormek, Scarlett or Boldtusk, then Colen would have been wiping his tears away in a corner. :wink:

I would suggest you to work on Caedmon and Boril first. Meanwhile hope you get a replacement for Hu Tao/Colen and then work on that replacement.

For your 3 stars, visit the first link in this post and according to the grading you’ll be able to see which ones are keepers. Long story short, upgrade these from your hero-bench:

  • Belith, Brienne, Hisan, Berden and Friar Tuck (in my opinion)
  • Balthazar, Tyrum
  • Nashgar
  • Bane
  • Ulmer

Future keepers:
Valen, Hawkmoon, another Balthazar, Nashgar and Bane.

You can consider keeping and using the ‘B’ graded heroes, such as Azar, Jahangir, Carver and Gan Ju. Especially those you have been upgrading already. Kailani/Gunnar are saviours if you can’t manage to stay alive during the Intermediate level on special events. I don’t see another purpose for them based on your hero-bench.

I did not include event heroes, except Hisan, in this writing. The grading of these are also listed in the first link.


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Thank u guys that is really helpful for me and the alli… appreciate it so much…

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What is “AM”?? And I have every single one of those heroes in triple duplicates!! It makes me think the pulls are not as random as the developers claim them to be. There is NO WAY (slim to none) that we both have the same heroes. I do have a decent number of 4* and 1 5*. I’ve been playing for 8months!! And I pay a decent amount to keep it going, but am REALLY about to stop paying if I dont see a change in my so-called “luck” (sic developers controlled Hero disbursements) it is just too frustrating

Ascension materials, like the hidden blades, orbs, trap tools, warm capes, shields, compass and gloves

As far as heroes go, there’s only so many of them. It’s who and how u use them that make you, you. Try not to compare ur bench to others, but instead find what works for ur style of gameplay

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Thank you@, @Duche!! That’s EXACTLY what Ive been doing - comparing - and that’s frustrating!! I am learning to “Love the one’s I (have) with” and grow them to my gameplay level.

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