What is April's monthly challenge event? [Answer: Guardians of Teltoc]

I was just wondering if anyone could tell what is April’s Monthly Challenge Event is and what hero’s they are?

Its event like for christmas or haloween
There are 3 bunnys
5* blue (hit 3)
4* green (hit all)
3* red (hit one)
Very high attack, fast mana, -20% def (can’t be clean)

The end of March into April will be busy! We have the next phase of Atlantis starting in a few hours, and the seasonal event SpringVale with the bunnies is coming, along with a new HotM. Then we will have the challenge event, Guardians of Teltoc. The challenge events are usually the second Thursday of each month.

Add in the weekly raid tournaments going live tomorrow, there’s plenty to do!

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Cool I’m glad to finally know. Thank you

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