What is a Wiki post? Why make a Wiki post?

What is a Wiki post? Why make a Wiki post?

==What is a Wiki post?==
To prevent abuse, and spam, posts and replies are locked for editing after certain conditions are met, usually X time or Y replies. Also other users are prevented from editing your post or reply.

Discourse allows the creating of a post, or a reply, that can be edited by any user ( Note 1 ). This makes it a wiki post. You can even switch the wiki on or off.

==Why make a Wiki post?==
A post/ reply is tracking an evolving situation like the upcoming Spring event OR
you want to gather data from other users like the Boss HP in advanced section of Knights challenge event OR
you want to consolidate good replies into the original post for ease of reading.

==Editing/ Creating a Wiki post==
To edit a wiki post, the user has to be at least trust level 1 “Basic”. First wiki edit will grant the user Wiki Editor badge.

To create a wiki post/ reply or to switch wiki on/ off, the ORIGINAL poster needs to be trust level 3 “regular” ( Note 2 ) which unlike trust level 1 or 2 can be lost ( Note 3 ). Yes, mod/ admin can turn any post into a wiki post, but they are mod/ admin.

To create a wiki post, just select the wrench icon and then click the Make Wiki button

Note 1)

Note 2)

Note 3)


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