What is a tank

Im not a noob but I am not educated on these terminology words. what is a tank every day there comes a new word for the same thing I know Mat is materials lol noob is newbie etc but im in my 40’s and it am trying to keep up is how strong they are? where they are in the fight? anyone got a picture?

Kunchen 54-80 maxed
Magni 5
4-80 maxed
Horghall 54-80 maxed
Khagan 5
Wu Kong 4*4-70 maxed


The tank is the hero in the center of your offensive or defensive team.

Here, Wilbur is the tank.
The flanks are the one each side of the tank, Proteus and Melendor.
The wing are the heroes at each extremities, Rigard and Wu kong


Its the position of the hero from left to right:
Wing,flank,tank,flank, wing

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so its based on position only? ty the team I listed I used both as defense and offense. I am still learning this but what does position have to do with the name with the list I gave you what setup would you do

Hi @Goldberg. The Fictionary, curated by @JonahTheBard, is a great resources for E&P game jargon that you don’t know:


with the list of my players with your vast experience in the game how would you line them up I want to try to make it more effective

i knew that topic existed but couldn’t remember the name.
I searched in the #player-guides and couldn’t find it.

I will know where to search now :man_shrugging:


I’d recommend that you make a post in #gameplay-help-tactics to ask that question. If you can include a picture of your roster, that will help other players give advice. Sometimes a hero that you didn’t think would be good on defense will actually be a great addtion.

As a general comment: You have several slow mana heroes there, as well as Wu Kong who doesn’t make attacks directly. That can be somewhat challenging to know how to choose a defense from.


It’s based on position, yes, but there is a reason it is called a tank and a reason why you need to be selective about who to place in that position. It is called a TANK because it is supposed to be a strong hero who can absorb a lot of damage (think of an actual war, you want to put the heavily armored units up front to take the brunt of the gunfire). Because of the way the tiles work in the game, the tank is going to get hit the most often. You want your tank to absorb those hits while remaining alive as long as possible, giving your flank and wing / corner / edge heroes more time to strike without getting killed. The heroes on the far corners are generally going to get hit the least often, meaning they won’t charge mana as quickly, but they should ideally survive longer (depending on boards and your hero setup).

I don’t have any of the fancy 5* heroes you have, but I will say that you probably shouldn’t put Wu Kong on a defense team unless he is your strongest yellow (and even then, you might want to substitute a different color if possible). Wu Kong can be phenomenal offensively, when tiles are in play, but defensively, he’s squishy and prone to make your other specials miss (which you do not want to happen on a defense team, since special skills are your primary form of defensive attack).

Wiki: Tanks

On that page we’ve got an explanation of the general concept, along with the considerations that go into why a tank might be good or bad, and a list of quality tanks by star. You also might be interested in the Teams page. :slight_smile:


Wu - Magni - Kunchen - Khagan - Horghall

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