What Is a Healer?

As the title of this thread may suggest, this forum is about healers. My alliance has a rule of thumb that each member should have at least 12 healers to be an effective member and they recently asked me how many healers I have. The issue is, I don’t know because they consider Red Hood a healer, but not Leonidas or Elkanen, so with that knowledge, what does a healer in this game mean?

Get a new alliance lol.


Sabina, Melendor, kashrek come to mind

Heals self doesn’t count as a healer imo. has to at least heal nearest also. Better yet whole team.

Red is definitely a healer…and a good one.


Sabina, Delilah, BT, Kiril, Alby, Guin, Ares, Aeron is all I can think of at the top of my head now. I wouldn’t include only self healers either.

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At least 12 healers to be part of an alliance?
I have read a lot of rules and requirements, but this is new. Sounds like they force you to use 2 healers every time you attack in war, is that so?
Get a new alliance +1.


If they include 3* healers, that would be Belith, Tuck, and Hawkmoon
4* would be Rigard, Sabina, Melendor, Kash, BT, Kiril
5* would include Aeron, Delilah, Vivica, Guin, Red, Ares, and Alberich


Melendor, friar tuck, belith, hawkmoon, vivica, rigard.
That’s a ridiculous requirement btw. Why so many?

It’s not a requirement, but it is highly valued and frequently suggested.

It may be debatable, but Aegir may also count since he gives a status that heals based on normal damage dealt.

I definitely echo the “get a new alliance” advice, though.

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I would consider any hero a healer that heals allies.

But 12 is a LOT. Your alliance means serious bidness!

I don’t need a new alliance, they are in the top 50 globally, occasionally breaching top 25. I asked them how I could be more successful and help the alliance in general because I don’t like being the weak link. The the top players within the alliance asked me about healers telling me that I should have at least 12 in a combination of colors to be successful.

As it stands right now, I have Aegir, Delilah, Red Hood, Alberich, Tarlak, Boldtusk either maxed or waiting on ascension mats. I also have unleveled Vivica x2, Ares x2, Sabina, Melondor, Rigard and Kiril. I honestly just thought that my Leonidas’ and Elkanen would count as healers since they heal, but I guess I see everyone’s point about self healing.

Hmm hopefully they will re-release Aeron so you can grab him too. He’s a pain to deal with sometimes.

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Here is my list of 3-5 :star: healers currently in the game: (updated Feb.2019)

Friar Tuck
Red Hood

To me, a healer is a hero with a special skill that will increase the HP of other heroes. I do not include “gains % of damage dealt” into this category because the HP may or may not increase; also, with the exception of Aegir, none of these heroes helps another hero, only himself. I’d concede Aegir a spot on this list if pushed.


I can’t believe you brought up the Hero That Shall Not Be Named at the end. :wink:


I dont know if it should be a requirement, but it is a legitimate tactic depending on the individuals skill level. There are people who go with no healers at all because they are that talented at working the boards. Im not one of those people.

I have 12 healers in my war roster. 6 “main healers” and 6 “off-healers”. I run one of each on every team.

Main healers are your big instant healers that hit the whole group for a decent amount (30% or more). Their job is to take your heroes out of the red and back in the green quickly.

Off-healers heal the group or their flanks over time or by less than 30%. Their job is to keep your health topped off and bolster your weaker heroes.

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Whats wrong with just six healers? Why 12?

Anyways, for the most part; I consider a “primary healer” to be a hero who heals the whole team for around a third of their health and higher. (heroes who regenerate a large amount of HP for the whole team also count)

Ex: Belith, Delilah, Alberich, Vivica, Melendor

A “secondary healer” to me, includes heroes who only heal nearby allies or only heal around 1/4 of the whole team’s health.

Ex. Kiril, Fire Truck, Boldtusk, Kashhrek

For whatever reason I can’t seem to consider heroes who only heal themselves to be healers.

Ex. Elkanen, Renfeld, Leon

I also don’t consider Elemental link “healers” to be healers. I consider their healing to be perks or quirks on top of their other abilities

Ex. Khiona, Aegir, Zimkitty,


Depending on what team you build you might want to use a healer of a strong (or at least neutral) color. If you have just 6 of them, you can run into a situation when available heroes are all of a wrong (weak) color. With a double redundancy you hardly can run into such a situation.

So, it’s a strong overhead but it is understandable.

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My only issue with this division between “main” or “primary” healers on the one hand, and “off-” or “secondary” healers is that it muddies the breadth and depth of healing.

Kiril does a little bit of healing on all. Ares does a lot of healing on nearby, more than Alby does (though Alby works on all). Are Kiril and Ares the same category?

BTW, these “and nearby” healers create a niche for self-heal heroes. If I’m using Ares and Musashi, I’ll put Mushy on the wing, since he can take care of his own healing.


To be honest yeah, I dump Kiril and Ares in the same category but I’ll admit my classifications are muddy to the extreme :persevere:

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