What is a better way to do business?

What is the best way to do business?
  • Choose the easiest option.
  • Choose the option that works as originally intended.

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Do you want money or personal (and customers) satisfaction?

Kinda different approach.

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I want to above all have character and to maintain an ethical standard. Although the rules say one thing, I always try to ask myself, “What is the right thing to do?” The answer to that question, generally should guide you if you are a person of reasonable character.


My life motto is kinda “do not do to others what you DON’T want others do to you”.

But i would probably be a terrible ceo.


I might be in the minority here but I think that the pole kinda boils things down a bit too much. The easiest option can sometimes be the option that works as originally intended. Also intentions can be misconstrued which leads people to speculate and come up with their own narratives. The option that works as originally intended isn’t always the best way to do business because it leaves less room for improvement and change where as choosing the easiest option for the moment allows for future change.


so many characters

Who/What exactly is this regards to?

Just general discussion…

In this binary, “as originally intended” is clearly the better answer, which is why I voted for it.

The situation that led to this post (the Mits/Urs indirect nerfs) is one in which I don’t really have a problem with the answer being “both.” Will expand on that in the other thread.

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I had no idea and couldn’t vote.

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