What in the purple chest is this!?

So this is what SG is giving out in purple chests now?

I dont even think these “color” chests even mean what they use to mean a year ago…this is blasphemous.


What annoys me the most in the sacred chests are the gray tokens and items 1 * and 2 *. They are common and have nothing sacred. Sacred chests should contain important objects (minimum 3 *)


You got a Titan flask, 20 emblems, and a compass. I’ve gotten much less than that. Consider yourself lucky!


Maybe I started too recently. That looks totally reasonable to me. I’ve always received a few pulls for crafting/ascension materials [you got an unfarmable], some battle item, a good number of gems (30-50 is common), a good number of emblems (10-30 is common), 3 tokens (with a random chance that one or more will be EHT or ETT), some loot tickets, chance of a flask, and some Atlantis coins.

My last one had 2 gray tokens and one ETT. Last month I had one with 3 EHTs…

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Actually it is a pretty good chest… I wonder what did you expect? I got almost the same thing out of a yellow chest today, except I got a WE flask instead of the Alliance one… if you have gotten 3 x EHT, it still would have meant nothing actually because probably they would have summoned Renfeld, Dawa and Prisca…


Try getting NO MATS, 3 silver tokens, NO EMBLEMS!

Your chest is pretty common, you must’ve been luckier for your other chest.


Yes. I’m guessing you’ve started playing this game after the color of the chest actually coincided with that particular color of heroes ascension factor.

I do agree these colored chest have fallen far from what they used to be. SG games may not fix that because ultimately the chests give far more loot than any other chest and there is a possibility of 4* items ( hence the flask)… when I would say epic hero tokens /3* 4* ascension items would be the ideal items .

Sorry but I think it’s a common factor . Maybe one day it will get better.

That’s a bit below average, but not too crazy. The crap ones are when you get no ascension item at all.


for the over 1 year I have been playing, they haven’t changed.


I remember when I started . These colored chests were the best. I’m sure I’ve gotten both hero/troop tokens together, maybe a flask of some kind, 30 gems or a whopping 50 ( I think) and I’m sure I’ve gotten an ascension blade , but definitely a 3* ascension mats .

The past couple months, almost exactly like the OPs (but not that dire)

Op got a 3 star unfarmable (I have received chests with no unfarmables), a flask and 30 gems. Typically you would see an ETT or EHT, but it is hardly certain. based on all the chests I have see, that would be a C to C-.

And yes, sometimes you pull an A+. One person in my alliance claims they got 2 4 star unfarmables and 2 EHT’s and an ETT. I have never been that lucky, but I have pulled a 3 star and 4 star unfarmable in the same chest.


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Got the same purple chest today… and I walked away with ascension items tho

OP got more gems and emblems, but 2 tomes is great anyday.

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