What if we start to reward something the ability in events?

Does anyone like the current punctuation system of events? Even, those who tend to be first, like it? Basically it is rewarding the one who has more time and desire to repeat phases again and again, money to buy refills, and tons of battle objects. In this event I said to myself … come I will try top100 in epic, after repeating 8 times a phase without getting a good board I thought … my god, this is a real trash. Why not penalize with lower punctuation as the phases are repeated? Why not penalize the use of battle objects? make the player’s skill serve something! Now it’s just the repetition and the pocket. Surely they will never implement changes because it would mean less income, but hey, at least try …

As someone who takes events very seriously I can say unequivocally that I enjoy the system, especially some of the elements you seem to take issue with. I like the fact that they require items and refills since it makes me plan for events months in advance, punctuating the monotony of the game. I love getting WE flasks and items fluke bomb attacks and mana potions out of titan loot and chests, since I know they will help me next event. I like the decision making when an event rolls around. Do I have the resources to compete? Are the rewards worth the investment? How fierce will the competition be? Lastly, I love fighting the levels themselves. Nothing else in this game comes close to the rush I feel when I load into a level for the Nth time and see a great starting board, then try and hold myself together through a surge of adrenaline as I play as quickly and strategically as possible, hoping beyond hope for lucky combos and useful tiles.

Believe me when I say I understand the frustration of getting long streaks of terrible luck, but events are the only element of this game that truly reward both dedicated planning and quick fingers.


You do get decent rewards just for completing Epic and Legendary tiers.

Nobody in top50 either category is a player without skill that just throws time, items and cash at this game. But sure it does makes things easier.

Could sub 10-tier rewards be better. Yes.
Would it be benifitial for more players if each tier was a “fixed point”-limit? Definately.
Would it be more fun? For some. Not for others.
Is there room for other game modes like you suggest? Like a survival mode or an “equal heros, equal mats” mode. Definately.

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I really understand certain things that you tell me, in the event of grimm forest, try to be top10 in the end I ended up in 14, I was left without axes, no wood to do more, maybe I was not well prepared and maybe I made too much use of at the beginning in tables that really did not deserve it. I understand what you say when you see an incredible table. But imagine that every 5 times you reicheras a phase will penalize you a little, if the third time you repeat it imagine how incredible it would be to see a good board. And as for the use of objects it is worth giving you a purpose for how horrible it is to farmear, but I farm 24/7, and could compete in all events, impossible. Buy objects or materials? I do not spend practically on titans, just some arrows, turtles and a little bit of mana

I agree with the excitement it creates in how the events are set up.I will not be able to finish legendary probably with zero 5*, although WU breaking his back trying to carry my 4s!

I do have a blast on rare though where I’ve got a nice selection of 3* due to the lack of 5*. It provides an awesome challenge of speed, strategy, and miss a move and scores toast!

Events are far enough in between as Wharflord has said that you can get a nice stockpile of items. I’d love to hit the leaderboard one of these times, but also have a blast trying to get Into top 3,000.

Surely you need tons of items and refills to even hope to get a nice score.
But is it the only thing it matters? No, surely not.
You can save up for months and go all out in only one event, and still be far from the top ten.

So as already said, the investment is worth only if you know you can do it, or indeed you have a large wallet to replace the items.

So the people on top are indeed throwing lot of resource in it, but still are the best players, or at least the people who knows events better.

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You cannot say that ppl in top are best players. I believe that there are f2p and c2p players who are much better. But withous money it is hard to competitive to p2w players becouse they dont have heroes, resources, troops etc…

and when you imagine that one day there will be event where you will have same heroes, troops and resources, then the luck will play main role.

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What do you base that on?
What makes you so sure there are f2p and c2p players that are “much better”?

Ppl are competetive doesnt matter they are p2w, c2w or f2p and here is only one leaderboard for all of them.
When you have everything still you need some skill to be best, becouse there is a lot of ppl who have everything aswell.
But when you dont have everything and still you try to be best. You need to be much more skilled and faster.
But yes becouse the gab between p2w and f2p (c2p) is so big, they fail

But yes i unedstand. This is only my opinion and i cannot be sure :slight_smile:

Actually in rare category you can compete for the top even beeing F2P or C2P, as in there you don’t need high level items, and you can accumulate flasks during time.

But on the top are always the same people, so it’s nice to believe it but it’s not the truth.

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Yawn. Who cares?
I just grab the completion rewards, smile, and go on my way.

If players wish to spend lots of refills, time, effort and items to gain a rank in the event, and then continue to spend lots of refills, time, effort and items to try and defend that rank – only to have it snatched from them at the last moment by others who do exactly the same – they are welcome to it.

While they are still getting annoyed and trying hard to defend their rank - which has already cost them so much - I personally smile happily at the nice completion rewards that I have already bagged, and do completely different things in my life :hugs:

Now please continue the regularly scheduled programming with those who think that “It takes all the running you can do just to stay in the same place” is a wonderful way to spend one’s time …


It is not true. To refill energy cost you something. To lvl up heroes what you dont need for titans and wars ( what are more valuable for alliance ) cost you something. But i understand that you cannot imagine it :wink:

I’m been 2 times in top 10 and now i’m in top 50 without using items and only with 3 flasks.
And level up 3* is just ridicolous easy (i complete my third berden in 2 days with 3 legendaries ongoing)

I can imagine :wink:

Chmm and i ( and i am not best player - i am average ) rather spend 3 flask to farm 6-8 to get enough recruits to let 3 Tc produce 5* ( ok 3* but one day…) and 4th to produce 1* or 2* and farm ingredience for timestop or tornado to get better result on titans. Lvl up another 4* to be better prepare for war then spent it to be 50th in rare… and to be honest 1 day and 6hours before end. So to try be 1st will cost you a little more. But becouse reward is crap or ppl see it in my way then you can do it becouse there will not be much ppl who want be 1st.

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The subject has gone a little, my intention was to express that I feel there are better ways to evaluate the events. It is true that there are heroes who are fundamental in events? Yes, but better not to go into those things, suppose we all have the same heroes. There must be a better system than repeating 20 times each phase until you get a good board. I keep my proposal, I would make a system that counts the times that you make the same screen and that every certain number of repetitions penalize, it would give rise to new strategies, having to say whether to continue with that or better move on to another … then the objects of battle should be a resource not something forced, the typical annoying monster that stays in a corner without combinations with which to hit … something like that. So let’s say that I would put something like that, using more than 5 objects starts to penalize after each used object, I sincerely believe that they would be positive and more fun changes, and many more would enter the fight

What if you were able to replay it to better your score, but once started again your previous score is removed? Might be more of the same but gambling have people falling from the top as well. Idk just a thought

I can’t see how would be any better with your system.

With only tot chance (or decreasing the points every time) it is really all a matter of luck.
People who happen to get a good board at the start wins, other loose.
Poor concept.

Indeed spenders have an advantage having more shots of a F2P, but you forget about 2 or 3 things:

  1. As i already said, if you refrain yourself on 2 events (and upgrade your team instead), on the third you have something like 20 flasks in your pocket (12 from completation, 3 as starting gift and let’s say 5 you get over 3 months). You think 20 flasks is not enough for you?
    And at least in rare event or limited time heroes don’t have so much impact like epic or legendary.

  2. You can have all the items you want, but if you don’t know when and how to use them then is useless.

  3. Really good players read the board. Not kidding. They just don’t go with the flow, but plan and bet on their moves.

Don’t get confused by their spending, they are incredibly strong and fast too.
No doubt.

How to remove paying advantages:

#1 Step: to have something like this OR (see #2 Step)

#2 Step: letting you ready your team from a separate pool with maxed heroes & troops.
You will not get any of those added on your roosters.

#3 Step: do the same with items, they will not be consumed.
Now you will have the same item usage as anyone.

#4 Step: making the stage cost 0 flags but with a complessive 50 tries.
With this everyone would have the same tries to do & redo stages.

Would this be allowed? Nope. Fairness isn’t in their best interest.

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I won the rare tier of pirates before I ever spent a dime on the game. I saved every single WE flask so didn’t need to spend any money on refills.

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