What if the Bunny goes right?!

Hey guys i’m interested in your opinion:

What do you think about the White Rabbit in the right wing? I know is meant to be left coz he drops def, but i have Finley there and i was wondering if was making any sense to have them together.

This is kinda what i was thinking about to change from the same, old, boring
Finley, Ursena, Telluria, Gravemaker, Drake.

(Also interested in opinions on Bera) :slight_smile:

Let me know what u think…! Thank u in advance


Or WR left flank, Bera right and GM at wing?

Either way… WR only drops defence on one, and Finley is really the only hard direct hitter in there - so if WR is to the right of Finley, it almost doesn’t matter where?

He’s still fast and decent hit 3 damage so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work okay even if it’s not optimal.