What if Soul Exchange is Over?

What I took exception to was your statement that you had enough data for the results to be correct. Which is scientifically incorrect and something I felt obligated to pull you up on. Yes it makes me a pedant but blasé statements need to be corrected.

You need a lot more data to state that since Soul Exchange came out that the pull rate has decreased. Asking for other data doesn’t fix this as you’ll likely get those who also are below the bell curve which further skews that data.

Unfortunately the only way to be absolutely accurate is to have all the data from every TC20 in operation. Then you’d get an accurate average.

Anything other than that is just hunches, confirmation bias, hearsay and conjecture.

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I noticed since the last SE, hero cap increase has been showing up in offers repeatedly. Is this an indirect way of saying “we’re skipping this one?”

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It’s not skipped though, it’s only pushed to June. From the start it has always been advertised as a quarterly event with no real fixed interval and dates.


But the cheap one isn’t. There used to be an offer for 5 slots for 5 bucks or so with some other stuff included. That one has not been available in at least 6 months. now you need to spend way more for far fewer slots. Today’s you have to spend 20 bucks and you get 1 slot. Someone at Zynga has decided that roster space needs to be better monetized. It’s that simple. It would not shock me if we never saw SE again.

Is that June push official?? I haven’t seen an official announcement in the forum.

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Ugh, no, one hero cap increase is 5 slots. But I totally understand the frustration with the 5-buck offer that we haven’t seen for a long while, especially if you don’t want the other things offered in the offers including the hero cap increase lately.

Well, it hasn’t been properly announced with a formal official announcement but Petri said it in private to PlayForFun. That’s also one of the big reasons why everyone is mad at SGG, because their official communication is near non-existent…


Was so annoyed by the price I didn’t even bother to click and find that out. Still annoyed by the price, regardless.

Also still won’t believe we’re getting another SE until it shows up.

I love this idea! ah if only…


I don’t get the outrage TBH. SG mentioned in the calendar TBA so it’s not like we did not know the date is up in the air for this month or the next. Are people that spoiled that they need to be spoon feed dates about everything? We been lucky to get the dates in the past, but we’re not owed anything. It will come when it comes.


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Except that you don’t… You’re not even close…

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That’s a fan made calendar made by one of the community member. That’s not the official calendar made by sg.


I’m sorry, but your lack of knowledge on this subject only makes you just as ignorant as the rest of us. You are no better with your assumptions of us than we are of the developers. By the way, how do those boots taste?

Though about it and I’ll probably quit…
As a recent f2p the only new 5* that is FS and SE…

In order to be a least a bit competitive is getting new heroes…
As TC20 giving only old crap with low chance and ha10 joke I better find myself new game to enjoy and be competitive at, and of course I’ll be c2p or even p2p if I like the attitude of the developers / owners of the game

In normal games the calender is part of the game and not somewhere on the forums…
Simple quality of the attitude that the developers towards their players…
And releasing new imbalanced heroes every week the nerf them and release new ones isn’t a thing that I search in the game

I played before the SE, and will play if there is no more SE.

Spoon feed what?
We are paying customers, they pay for food, rent, diapers, toilet papers with our money, is it so much inconvenient to them to provide a date? LOL.

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i disagree they said it will be each quarter means each 3 months,means it should be in may…and it isnt,without any explanation pfffff

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You can disagree all you want, they never said it would be every three months. If you wanna get technical, they said “few times a year”. Few means 3 or more. Not every three months. It’s in the news and updates section and easy to check instead of repeating what others with incorrect info have been regurgitating.

If it was here there be a lot complaining because it should be after update, Impossible to please everybody.
They are obviously working on balance changes which is more important use of time imo i would rather them put some effort into soul exchange list than spend 10 minutes doing a quick list.


How hard is it to include heroes not being updated or telling us that’s the reason why it’s been delayed? Making excuses for millionaires doesn’t hold them accountable to their customers.