What if Soul Exchange is Over?

How would you all feel if SE wasn’t coming back and that’s why the developers are being so quiet about it, because they are looking for ways to mitigate backlash? What would you do if that announcement came out of nowhere, stating that SE has been suspended indefinitely?

  • Keep playing
  • Quit

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Lol in the big SE thread we were all reminded we didnt always have SE.

I like it but could live without it

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but spending would be cut almost entirely by me. I never spent a dime in the first 3 years, but SE allowed me to spend because I would have a place to put the duplicates to use. With the training camps in place I no longer need to feed my extra 5 stars. No Soul exchange and no fated summon is a huge no no for me.


I like how I just tipped the vote to 52-48 Quit from 50-50 (now it’s 54-46 rofl)

What to do with those 5* dupes??? I really hate having to feed them away, and SE was the best way to get rid of those dupes and excess HotMs.


When there is no communication about SE and players are hanging out for it to free up space in their hero rosters…

We start to wonder… What if…:thinking:


The problem I have with the whole thing is the lack of communication from the developers. SE is one of the best QoL changes implemented and it sucks that it isn’t here and hasn’t been brought up by SG.


I’m not debating the issue friend… Sadly, there’s a lot going on in the game that is beyond my comprehension at the moment. :disappointed_relieved:


Oh I know, I was just adding my frustrations to your comment.

Considering how pisspoor TC20 has been for the past 3 months since the last Soul Exchange, I stopped one of my TC20s, have HA10 running (but might stop that too), and tbh, Fated Summons is technically the last thing I’ve been relying on now somewhat.

That being said, I hope it’s temporarily “down” until they finally release that Big Balance Update. Might restart my second TC20 though once I feel like I’ve finally maxed two or three heroes, including maybe 2 5* heroes, before I get new heroes again.

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Geez what’s next…what if fated summons is over?

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100% it won’t be cancelled

worst case we will get terrible choices or repeated heroes.

however, since there are too many heroes and costumes (old and new) it won’t be difficult to make 15 good choices for SE as it doesn’t have any clear restrictions besides 5 elements per tier.

Fated summon is restricted hence we dot mitsuko twice now and posiedon will repeat next Fated summon if nothing changes


At the moment I’m barely playing, just refreshing the forum to see if there’s any new SE news lol



Wouldn’t it just be simpler if SG told us what is happening with Soul Exchange?

Just plain and simple courteous communication with the forum to say what the plan is for SE …

There is so much stuff going on in this game at the moment that confuses the hell out of people, and that is getting players frustrated, some even angry…… a lot of it could be avoided if SG engaged with players in the forum on the issues being raised ….

All it needs is a message from staff to say that SE is delayed, suspended, ended or is planned for ‘X’ date …

I personally don’t mind what the message is …. As long as SG tells players something

Just my two pennies worth


SE is primarily the reason why I am still staying in this game. Once SE is gone, so am I



It’s literally the only thing in this game I look forward to anymore. I’ve only logged in three times in the last week… I’m on here more often, more or less just to see what’s up. Feeling very ambivalent regarding the game as a whole nowadays… Like, even after SE appears, idk if I see myself continuing after, cuz… Then what? What’s the point?

Can’t even enjoy landing new heroes anymore, as they’re made irrelevant, or even nerfed to be irrelevant, far too fast. And now, they’re even releasing new 3* and 4* at an alarming rate, that roster space - and trying to level every unique hero - is now an impossible task to keep up with without $$. There’s not enough food in the world… & It was the one thing I used to enjoy about this game most: leveling, and trying out, all these unique heroes I’d land. If I can’t even do that before they’re obsolete, then, what’s the ■■■■■ point?!

So yeah, if they cancelled Soul Exchange, I’d quit tomorrow and not have a care in the world about it. It’s the only true carrot left in this game, and imo, it’s hardly enough. This game is now 99% stick. & Without any sort of qualitative change to game-play, it’s sure to stay that way for good.


Yes, the worst case scenario is that it will be held in June according to my opinion.


There is no good business sense to ending Fated Summon. Many of the heroes there are not the ones that attract heavy summoning, even if they are good they are from “outdated portals”.

At the same time, the back-lash would be horrible, AND, maybe most importantly…

It encourages summoning, even from those who summons less usually. When you can’t free up space using SE, many summons less…

Still hoping for tomorrow! :sweat_smile:

I would not quit outright, but I’d be very disappointed and my engagement with the game will take a massive hit

I cannot think of a good rationale to stop it. SG/Zynga control which heroes are available, so they can keep ensuring that the offered heroes aren’t the latest and greatest. It’s not like they would be giving away great new heroes for free… it takes long enough to accumulate enough 5* “feeders” as it is


Doubt they would kill it outright. More likely they would just lower the quality of heroes in the Exchange. No more Arco type of heroes.