What if i stack colours, what are the stats?

For instance: when i’m against a purple hero i’m using 4 yellow and one purple (Rigard).
(left to right: Wu Kong 4-57, Rigard 4-50, Delilah 3-22, Guardian Jackal 4-70 and Li xiu 3-60) what regularly gives me more than 50.000

I’m trying to get my allies to use more doubles triples and quattros.

For max. result off course i should use maxed out heroes, does it make any difference if i use a 3star as 4th for the tiles? Has anyone stats about it?

As i have read somewhere (and i can’t find it @Rook please merge if there’s another topic ) it should be like this:

1 yellow 1 tile
2 yellows 2 tiles
3 yellows more than 3 tiles
4 yellows lots more.

if you use wu kong lots lots more. Has anyone got the stats and does it matter if there’s a 3 star in the team?

Stacking works by adding the attack stat of all the yellow heroes you are using, with modifiers from troops and current status effects. You can tap and hold over your hero in a battle (preferably not a timed one with a titan) and see their current stats and all modifiers.

There are two problems with using a 3* hero; Firstly, most 3* heroes have lower attack stats than 4* or 5* heroes depending upon level of course. Second, even with equivalent attack stats, the 3* hero dies a lot faster. For example, on my red team, Scarlett and Lancelot have great attack stats. Boldtusk isn’t as good, and until he gets into his final ascension, Jahangir and Squire Wabbit both have higher attack stats than he does.

Dead heros still add to the tile damage, but their attack stat no longer gets status effect modifiers (most noticeably Wu Kong’s special) So a 3* is still helpful after dying, but not as much as when he was alive.

In short, color stacking with a maxed 3* or two when you don’t have enough 4* heroes to do the job is probably better with titans than not doing it. (More dubious in raids or map/quest levels, but it can still be useful)