What-if analysis made easy - talent tree / classing

That elemental link is highly underrated…30% defense is pretty huge against specials when stacking blues on offense.

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I have to say that the test is negative, because it has a design flaw. It could be understood that, once activated and for 4 turns, all the blue tokens are reinforced, so it would be very useful for titan, but it is not, only those on the board are reinforced. If it were fast it would be useful, but being slow, when activating you have practically spent all the blue ones and it is almost useless. Another hero that might be a good idea, but a bluff comes out for not taking care of him.

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@Razor, First off: thank you very much for all you do for the community. I searched extensively for the “what if” Talent path analysis on Neith, but can’t find it. Could you point me to it, please?


Look what the Storm brought in…

Roc looks Solid! - RaZoR

@nevarmaor (you got a visual lift - almost didn’t recognize you ha ha), @Ber (I maxed my Jott but haven’t been really excited with him - need to find his niche - still haven’t put him into my Nature Titan Team, keep forgetting - what about you?), @Sarah2, @Starryeyedgryph (STARRRY!), @Guvnor (seems like we haven’t talked in some time Gov!), @JonahTheBard (Hi J!), @Oliz (caught you in a post haven’t gotten to it yet check out the Roc), @Steve9999 (Ditto), @Math4lyfe - ok… lol 3 in a row about Raid and Razor better go check it out! catch you later guys

@Vidarr (I shadowed w/your account its working great, advise further also you can contact me on LINEID: RaZoREnP) Once you login select GuiLDWare | Open and the following will be presented to you…


See RE2 First Look HOTM-38 & Valhalla-5 below…

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Gotta change it up, keep from going stale :rofl: like rearranging the furniture.

Did you pull him?! I just used coins and pulled Rana on my 3rd and Yunan on my 10th! No Roc. He looks pretty cool! A average cleanser for yellow?! Yessssss

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I did not however have been getting early feedback from several that I give some good thought about their opinions and in particular experience - and its contrary to what I expected Starry. Not on the real positive side so bummer - to each our own though eh! I didn’t take my Yunan past 3/70 (now have Telluria, so probably wont) and Rana just doesn’t fit my playstyle - I stripped her and replaced with Classic Joon now at Class 18 in Right Wing.

Understand your excitement about a HOLY CLEANSER though! ha ha ha

When I was assembling the Hero Properties tool I was like wow we really don’t have many AOE (I use that as FULL TEAM CLEANSING so no one is confused) in the last couple months.

For Epics / Legends

Sonya (Costumed)

The addition of costumes really helped what was a lack and now its filling out (**Sonya-C** is the true addition for Epics - I consider Rigard-N, Rigard-C, Vivica-N them separate heroes, though they didn't really bring anything new there)

Caedmon (Costumed)

Raffaele HOTM-37

Guardian KONG

And boom now we just added **Guardian Kong** with his balancing improvement (and its an improvement - perhaps the best in the balancing graduate class)**.

ROC (SandEmpire)

Time will tell where this Bird flies...

5 added in a fairly short time... good for odds of players to obtain a huge-ly valuable asset.

I'm realizing I'm behind on updating the tool.. soon!


** unless someone speaks up about ATOMOS and/or Gobbler - those are the 2 I’m watching out for.

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I basically have to agree here Ber, was in my mind very useful, the speed of it (I found having to hold his special after waiting to get it till there was enough blue on the board to even fire it, then trying to save as many as I could to actually use them). Still haven’t tried on a Titan (at this point will just to try). I will not be using Jott, good 50+ levels with him, tried in Tourney and even some raids… not for me perhaps someone will find his niche and take advantage of it… darn.

Hero Properties v1.01 is up to date with E&P Heroes as of 2020-07-01

Closure to my prior comment! IN GAME below shows us the ALL ALLIES CLEANSERS that are available.

The 3 views available are shown below. It will be a great visual for me to have nearby when I’m not thinking 100% straight! So you can see it. Epic/Legends only.



Being a discussion led me into Cleansers I’m continuing on that topic with the <4min Video that is packed full of information and FUN! @Ber you for sure need to watch this and watch for JOTT! @Starryeyedgryph @nevarmaor @JonahTheBard @Guvnor @Math4lyfe @Rduke77 @Sarah2 @jaqtkd @discobot


The Hero Map for the games EPIC and LEGENDARY heroes ties into the video summary.


So… You like Ariel huh :wink:.

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Not really, just messing around with all your brains! :heart:

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Who is this fake hero you speak of?


Honestly I believe I came across her through a Ukrainian Ad on-line. Very Myztero-ish…

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She’s more real than that squid lady… Still not convinced she isn’t just some massive hoax… @NittanyLionRoar you agree with me here? Ursena isn’t real? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t you misspell that? I’m pretty sure Ariel thinks she’s real.

PS I love Ariel, her and Isarnia (and quickly rising Malosi) are my favourites.

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You have uncostumed Rigard in your lineup twice. :wink: thanks for the tag Razor! I’ll watch it here soon! Love hearing your voice!

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The “TRIXTER” is on the Prowwwwl…

- RaZ

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