What-if analysis made easy - talent tree / classing (Class Node BOM(b))

Valhalla r3 - Alfrike

Better late then never! RaZoR.

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Thank you @Razor - can’t comprehend how you always find the time :smile:.


Alfrike looks like a fun hero to play with. Random attacks with random mindless attacks :rofl:

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Random Random! Lm#o - Hey Neva! :sunny:

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She sure is interesting. Shame her only role in the game is occupied by the most powerful hero this game has ever seen.

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A female Gravemaker from the dArK-sIdE… ok!
I can get into that. An unfortunate -25% DOT Burn deduction
prior to her release isn’t really deductible… :crazy_face: right?

Hope she turns out to be who she could be… for all of us that have been
unable to get our hands on a Fire Breathing GM!

Be well & Enjoy your weekend!


@Stargasm @nevarmaor @Sarah2 @SupremeAlienRaptor @General_Confusion @Yayo @Ebonest @Starryeyedgryph @PapaHeavy @jaqtkd (did I get you taken care of - I don’t recall at the moment?)…

ohhhh yeah…


Nice pull. How do you manage to get mostly S2 heroes on a 10-pull? The few I’ve done have been mostly S1.

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Hey! Thanks for the tag! I nabbed 2 of her! But, i WAS able to get my hands on a GM!!!

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Its all about the song playing Nevarmaor - its gotta be Top-Shelf

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Pulled 2 Clarissa’s, 2 Kage’s but zero GM’s. That slippery bastard will join my roster one day!!!

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Valhalla r4 - First Look at the Hero ‘Baldur’

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  • RaZoR

Perfect timing - an alliance mate just pulled him. Thank you, thank you :star_struck:.

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great job, teacher. I am not impressed by the hero, I do not see a place for him. I have to try one, when I go up, which is probably exceptional for titan, JOOT, what do you think?

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Hi Ber!

I think you are 95% right for sure! Heck go 100%. haa ha ha. Now I had Rat for a brief period however never used them and haven’t seen them much on defense (however the couple times I did - they were in right wing and there was another healer up front @ Tank or Flank)… and that combo was pretty nasty… took a long time to take them out.

ON TO TITANS THOUGH!!! If you have some small mana to feed him I absolutely think so! Especially if you pull a decent ICE board those are some very HIGH % Attack +/-. I wish I had more info, however, I also obtained Jott today - my ICE team is very strong however may work on him. The Valhalla heroes 3-4* in Tourneys are OP. Yes I would recommend putting in the mats with Jott Ber for FIRE Titans (possibly others), for Tourney when you get to speed em up. Could turn out to be very useful elsewhere too.

To my knowledge it is only the following that have this skill (and he matches the % of RAT - just SLOW) and this Sudri seems to have a similar shielding skill.

Take care and best success in WAR this weekend. - RAZ

P.S. I have overheard many times that RATATOSKR is great on Titans - that should parallel for JOTT simply based on skill…

P.S.S. Just took him on a run in lower levels - It’s an excellent Skill - huge damage with the shields!

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Hi, i can’t found anymoore the class bom mode and im a subscriber… I using the phone but isn’t anymoore in the Guild… Can you help me :see_no_evil:

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Initial talk of Raffaele is very mixed… This Hero of the Month I think could valuable (dual healing is very interesting). Plus Dispel all +30% defense vs SS.

@Vidarr (I will check your account if its of the same name)… @nevarmaor @JonahTheBard @Guvnor @Yayo @SupremeAlienRaptor @jaqtkd @PapaHeavy @Ranvir @zephyr1


He is interesting but, for me, with Ariel, C. Rigard (multiples), and a whole boatload of monks I’m just not sure how he would fit in.

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That is actually very similar to the comments I was getting from the TMPG…