What-if analysis made easy - talent tree / classing (Class Node BOM(b))

Thanx @Razor, my friend!!! Really appreciating your work! :wink:

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I logged in and I’ve found 5 tasks :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

@Razor…how can I report the data of the players with names with the Cyrillic alphabet?!?

Yayo - I basically attempt matching to the English alphabet as closely as possible (as the DB is setup in English). Before any data publication I have routines and some manual steps in which i pair them appropriately as many entries are input as such. Hope that helps.

Only 1 of those tasks is late :).

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Job’s done! :wink: Glad to contribute!

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Jean-Francois (HOTM-33)

February 1, 2020

Do you have a response to the following comment?

"even at full will have to prime him as a finisher"

I have posted it to his card below along with my comment back regarding the 3 areas JF is actually better on the card than Gravemaker!

Below is one of many Classing Options for Jean-Francois. Feel free to go wild using the Titan Mafia Users Group: Class Node BOM(b) What-If analysis tool. I was happy to see the figures

The BURNER has finally arrived! Does he come in blazing or was he cut down like a dead tee in BETA before release?

@Stargasm @Yayo @MBoedel @Ber @nevarmaor @Sarah2 @Expired @PapaHeavy @Rigs @General_Confusion


Now if only there was a full proof way to pull him? Thanks again for your efforts - much appreciated :star_struck:.


Was hoping you had the same graphic for emblemed gm in the post to do a side by side comparison

Guess I’ll go to the website…


Clever lol


Well went and did a side by side emblem wise

Do you plan on showing DoT increases with attack increases eventually?

Just noticed the Bom doesn’t show that

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I’m really liking the looks of that defense status ailment protection quite a bit. Does it work the same as Grazul (without the +42% defense and the 2 extra turns)? Seems to make Grazul less appealing with her low health recovery.

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I dont see him as a grazul replacement or even a mitsuko replacement

I see him as a good hero in a 2nd red mono or 2nd trip red 3-2 stack that counter finley

But that’s probly because i have mitsuko maxed and dont want to max a 2nd so jf prevents me from doing so and can eliminate running a green team vs all these gm flanks in wars

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Same here Rigs, which is WHY I want GM so badly. So I can replaced her. Or temporarily unseat her as my go to red defensive hero.

So was rather hoping Mr VanDam would fit the bill. It appears no but I’ll wait and see. I’m not jumping on the summon train until POV starts anyway and likely will wait until AR

Tokens are burning a hole in my pocket

Fwiw i was talkin offense

I think jf will be decent as a defending flank and close to a poor man’s gm and may even have a slight edge if he can prevent elemental debuffs on a tank and remove the advantage attacker has of leveling the playing field for going off color

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Well your playing both whenever you attack. But Mitsuko is more of an defensive hero than offensive. Although she’s prominent in my red stack. Exclusively tank or flank. Still need GM for that speed and damage.

As for JF I think it’s either we pull him and find out his usefulness or rely on the players that do summon him. So I’m not rushing to summon him but I’ll likely give it a go at some point before the end of the month.

P.S Did I mention I’ll totally take a poor mans GM if I can’t get the real thing :wink:


I love mits on offense personally and feel she’s lackluster in defense outside of tank(though i did almost lose a raid just now when guin and mits got on a 1 2 punch buuuut was able to pull out of it even with mono yellow)

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well she works well at either if you use her right. But she’s on my offense more than defense. However you look at it JF would likely be an upgrade.
If Mitsy was fast I wouldn’t even be having this conversation :wink:

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@Razor signed up to the site, filled in all the info. It shows me as a new member but now is not accepting my password so I can’t sign back in. Any thoughts?

Well I needed one more summons for my PoV, so I figured 1 more Brienne wouldn’t really make MN THAT much fatter…so I summoned a Brienne

P.S @Rigs, finally got me a certified “poor mans GM” :wink:


No, I do not have a clear way to calculate it (perhaps there is per each DOT hero and their path on the node tree). That’s currently I think 23 heroes across rare to legend rarity and then all the node combinations in-between. Not sure where I would get all the cards/heroes in each node state combination to validate it, just to hairy for the ROI when other things can be done with more impact.

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I obtained a few and in particular this is my current view/path on both Tyr and Fenrir

Join Titan Mafia Users Group if you haven’t to use this tool and get access to some valuable tools/reports. RAZOR


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