What-if analysis made easy - talent tree / classing (Class Node BOM(b))

Thank you muchly… So many of my alliance mates have pulled her… Alas not me :sweat:.

Immense thanks from them especially :wink:.


Simply Return to MORLOVIA v2
Muahhhh ha ha ha ha ha…
Enjoy Francine, Vanda, Frank and Jack in a sneak peak a booooo

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This is not optimal since the theory behind family bonuses are the heroes are a set and a complete set is more powerful than a lone hero.

I would rather 2x 4*+18 Valeria on a team ( no family bonus but good synergy ) than Vanda 5* 4.80 and Francine 5* 4.80 on the same team.

Since Victor, and Vlad, were not buffed, I do not expect Francine and Vanda to ever be synergistic.

From a Dev point of view, Empires is very anti balancing. It takes so much resources to summon a 5* hero and level it to 5*+20 that game play cannot be easily adjusted over a wide range of heroes. Unlike games with easier access to 5*+20 heroes ( weeks or months instead of Empires’ years or never ).


Vanda, and Francine, are basically anti status ailment heroes. But both have positives and negatives.

Francine is more forgiving with timing ( slightly larger window of use/ duration, fire before or after ailment) but less powerful ( only works if ailment can be cleansed and only reduces duration of some ailments like defense debuff ).

Vanda is more powerful ( works on all ailments) but more finicky with timing ( fire before ailment and smaller window of use/ duration).


From a very good friend of mine

To bring Frank in line with costume purple 4* Tiburtus, and purple 3* Guardian Bat. I would change to average mana speed.

From another topic

Definitely not impressed with Frank.

Though rumor from Beta, Frank is better than Beta version 0.1 so at least the Devs know his concept is not great.

On the plus side, the new Halloween heroes make Valeria ( after Devs buffed her direct damage ) look even better. Especially because 2x 4*+18 is easier to summon and level.


A discussion of both Carol ( Christmas, still Beta ) and Jack ( Halloween, released ).

(🧪 Early Information on New Christmas Heroes (Santa's Challenge) & Family Bonus [Part of The Beta Beat V33])


Just realized Jack’s delayed DOT is actually LESS effective if Jinx triggers since more likely to kill the target thus nullifying the delayed DOT damage to the nearby enemies. So you only want Jinx to trigger on normal/ matching/ tile damage.

That was a less than optimal design decision.

Valeria as a monk is very handy ( especially against mana control like Hansel, Proteus, etc. ).

As a side note, Carol ( Beta Christmas hero ) has zero direct damage, reduces mana and has Delay ( Sorcerer ). All of which improve, and are synergistic, with Empires’ version of delayed DOT ( even though delayed DOT could still use a buff to the basic mechanics. see above link ).

@948ri31 see PM response. Want to verify Cost Cutting of emblem costs - appreciate CG!

i.e. Legend fully classed (20) was 13,326,000 ham and now its 5,990,690 ham
i.e. Legend fully classed (20) was 10,562,000 iron and now its 2,109,000 iron

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DATA HAS BEEN UPDATED! Thanks for your assist on this @948ri31

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So a Drake like Hit-3, a huge Caster+Nearby SS INCREASE for 4 turns, CLEANSE all allies, AND an EL Minion! Wow this woman (Cinderella's Sweet Fairy Godmother kinda look) could turn out to be a Top Ice hero IMO...

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Thank you, thank you, thank you… My alliance thanks you immensely too :hugs:.

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One of the rare times I logged in to play, I used up 18 EHT and had 300 gems left. Thought I’d do a pull for fun and snagged Glenda…

It’s almost as if the game is asking me to come back


Awesomeness. Congrats :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

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Valhalla r10

Similar to Frigg except instead of a Defense effect, His is with Mana.

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Santa's Challenge v2 First Look

Who had a very shinny nose? KRAMPUS!

Wow E&Peeps had to thow in my notice of Ice Anti-Santa’s Prowess!

Ho Ho Ho - RaZoR
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Thanks for this @Razor, your hard work is ALWAYS appreciated - more fun & games :thinking:.


HOTM-43: Reuben

Can you say CuLt

Reuben was hiding out among the interface thus late discovery…

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HOTM-44: Bertila

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Perfect timing Razor. I just pulled her Thank you for your continued hard work to benefit ALL players. Always appreciated :hugs:.
You ROCK! :medal_sports:

Valhalla r12 - THOR (God of Thunder)

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Hero of the Month 45 - Uraeus

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I can not thank you enough for all that you continue to do to help the player community make informed decisions about all these new heros. I always marvel at, and appreciate your hard work.
Legend! :star_struck::clap::1st_place_medal:


@Razor Gefjon, Odin and Thor have eluded me this far, but my defense with Frigg is keeping me in the mid-2600 to mid-2800 cups range.

All are at +20 with +23 mana troops (except for Finley who has a +19 mana troop). Odin is a beast and would be a nice replacement for Joon. When I get Uraeus, he will be more of a situational hero for my raid and war attacking teams!

Excellent work on the what-ifs! This is a huge help! :wink:


You bet. For ‘now’ Finley is top dog left wing ICE… we know who is going to take that soon… Frigg has left flank like MN/Alby held Left Wing. 100% solid there JAWS. Kunchen still can hang - has one of the most amazing specials (he can be a pillow but not when flanked as such), GM is still a top dog and Joon still decent at lw - can totally see how your doing it. ODIN is OP. Awesome team wish I could put it together ha ha ha. 2 out of 5 count (Joon & Kunchen)? NOPE! lol.

My interaction with Thor is sub par thus far :(… Needed to release him pre Ninjas for him to have a shine time it seems.

Front line BEST imo:
Frigg / Garnet / C Kadilen
Frigg / Garnet / Odin

Cobalt, Bera, Finley, Freya (pick 2 as wings to the above and its about as good as it gets right ‘now’)…

Onyx / Frigg / Garnet / C Kad / Cobalt - obviously solid

BK is 2nd to Garnet imo, then we step into Bera or Freya at tank

Raid and War D’s are so dang fast now at the top that Slows aren’t cutting it ime.

Yep Uraeus the word is will be the nemesis of Bera/Freya. Best in obtaining!

All this is just imo not fact.

p.s. Krampus is great tank/flank as well…


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