What-if analysis made easy - talent tree / classing (Class Node BOM(b))

@Razor you are certainly fast!! I was going to ask :joy:

Do you have a talent tree for Heimdall, Skadi, and Noor? Thanks in advance!

ZOCC!!!! HOTM-39

Per RaZoR: aka BEAST BOY of T.T. Cartoon Fame

TG they removed the BOOMERANG EFFECT of the 170% attack back on himself LOL (was that SS of -30% going to be applied to his own special was my big Q, now no longer needed ha ha) GOOD!

He is looking MUCH better now - BEST SUCCESS SUMMONING… I already did my HOTM summoning just before MIDNIGHT though. Will my GAMBLE pay-off as opposed to waiting?

Was the 50% mana increase always on the target? That is actually a cool Effect!

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I haven’t been following the future HOTM’s lately. I read

and thought “What?!?”

Then I read “Mindless Attack” and thought “Oh yeah, very cool!”

I might even try pulling for him with what I can (being F2P it’s not much).


I swear @nevarmaor I don’t recall the 50% increase in mana soon as it clicked once the final card was released I had second thoughts - big ones on my gamble to go for noor instead just 1/2 BEFORE HIS RELEASE AHHHhhhHhhhHhhhhhhHHHHhH. I’m right sometimes though hope this is one of them LOL. GET HIM NEV!!! Many get free coins and have amazing luck - my wish for you!


Hope you at least got Noor. She looks pretty cool too with her minion killing minions.

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I did Nev, thanks! Have plans for her just its going to take some time… after just maxing boots. I’m not someone that has mats or anything stock piled it goes out as fast as it comes in LOL… expecting to surprise some with Noor and her allies…

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This is usually me. I’m not one to sit and wait for “something better”. Right now though I have a severe shortage of Tomes so I’ve accumulated 10 scopes and 8 tabards in the meantime. The tabards may wait a bit as I want to finish my Costumed Rigard (#3) and Sartana first.

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I got Zocc with a free coin! Now i don’t need to pull this month!

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Valhalla r7 - Frigg

She is GREEN & she is Mean!

Players don’t forget to hit node 8 for your extra mana tile!

Or is she? Ha ha ha. Once again I missed this one, to those of you that obtained her, please let me hear your comments after you have field tested maxed! Thanks everyone. - RaZoR

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Hero of the Month no.40 : Bai Yeong

To some Bai Yeong is the Steel that turns their wheel. To others just another brother to that mother that births FIGHTING PANDA’s. LOL. Well, we will see how he (or she) fairs among WAN-Crew.

Players don’t forget to hit node 8 for your extra mana tile!

I noted that I have obtained every HOTM consecutively since Ranvir, so I likely will get Bai. If you get this Panda please let me hear your comments after you have field tested maxed! Thanks everyone. - RaZoR

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Trying to join user group but it’s saying my game name is a duplicate…what should I do?

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Tagging @Razor for you @Khalessi he is great at fixing things like this.

Hello. Yes, I had made the user name a unique identifier before using a guid, so this name is taken by : Khaleesi of Taverna do Faisão.

Feel free to add an weaponX to your name or your fav # or something (or silently remove KofTdF and let me know when that is done). If you have any other questions let me know. AND WELCOME BACK @Khalessi)

Valhalla r8: BERA
Players - Bera is looking really solid, poison DOT is my favorite… I was so caught up in the screen this past week she just flew right by me. Fraggle! Those ears initially I wanted to pull off and didn’t want to look at her, shew grew on me quick. I’ll be looking for her on the fields of our virtual playground.

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Yeah. If it wasnt for my weakness with blues I would have used my saved tokens for her, but with October HOTM and Lord Loki coming up my tokens are saved for now. She looks amazing though…

Basically a 5* version of Bee guy.

A very good friend of mine discussing Salmon Loki ( Bera before change in name )


That was before Telluria / Vela took over ( argh ) and Noor was tested.

Bera is still better than Noor ( slow mana speed) in most situations.

Still not as good as Gefjon but that is because red 5* need a decent sniper and purple 5* has lots of good options, especially snipers.


I liked the folklore, and art, for Salmon Loki better.

But rumor from Beta is big spenders hated the runic fish art.



(🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Gefjon, Lord Loki, Odin, Thor) [Part of The Beta Beat V31])

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Thank you muchly @Razor. I do wish I’d pulled her. Off to cry in the corner :cry::sob:

Hero of the Month 41 - Zulag
Wow she looks great at first look - one that I will try and obtain.

  • RaZ

Note: Added in RESIST description for HOTM

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Thanks immensely for your hard work. Always appreciated :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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