WHAT IF: ALL TANK TEAMS became a 'thing'

Thanks mate - I’ll try swapping Joon out, and Onatel in for war.

You da man Razor! Your writing style always gets me on the reporting site - keep up the good work!

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We just ran #DARKTANKSHOLYSKANKS in previous War Dozer and Onatel would be the primary flank for that one! ha ha, it worked out decent. A win is a win. Onatel is one hell of a hero - fairly diverse - think you will find her to be a great replacement for Joon in War - in particular if you can adjust the line with another Fast for the one you just lost, even if not - still thumbs up.

Razor, in general is the better combination kunchen tank and onatel tank or onatel tank and kunchen flank?

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How about onatel, kunchen, black knight, aegir, Yunan?

I think that would be the ultimate defense team.

Aegir+BK = every hit gets distributed to all, and the attack buff increases.

Which makes slash attacks much stronger, and thus more heal.

Kunchen heals and cleanses everyone, and deals defense down, and then onatel steals mana, and deals decent damage due to kunchen debuff and BK buff.

Yunan finishes it all off which will hurt real bad due to BK buff and kunchen debuff.

Sadly, I don’t have any one of those 5 heroes :slight_smile:

@Natural-Lite - I definitely play against as well see the Kunchen Tank Onatel Flank much more often. Both are great War Tanks. Onatel IMO is a better flank than Kunchen. Positional-wise she is the more diverse of the 2 she can have success from wing to wing. I would prefer any player to place their Kunchen in Flank or Wing! My honest answer is in general: Kunchen Tank, Onatel Flank.

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