WHAT IF: ALL TANK TEAMS became a 'thing'

In fact…at the moment, he is 10 global and hasn’t raided in over two hours…two hours ago he wasnt in the top 100.

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Actually your wrong LOL. I’ve killed everyone and left the Aegir tank for last and he went down like a sack of ‘taters I agree that the tank is one of the most important positions to take out first, but not always

That’s amazing.

Is Onatel a good flank? I often bench her in my war squads because she doesn’t do much damage, and tends to be a punching bag when I go up against her… I usually put Joon in there because, in my experience, he’s much more likely to really trip up the enemy… But now that I think about it, Onatel has big stats and is incredibly punishing to bad boards…

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Onatel does not do much damage at the first turn but it gets higher turn after turn. And she is much sturdy too. In fact, I find her more annoying than GM.
Btw, most of the +18 emblem heroes had more or less become an all tank team but +18 Albi, +18 Guin, +18 Ursena, +18 GM and +18 Finley is a real nightmare.

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FWIW, Onatel as tank with fast flanks can be a tough out. I run Sesh and Misandra around her and in war I notice that the enemy is typically spending a couple of flags to knock out my team (exceptions exist of course, but more often than not my squad eats 2-3 flags at least before going down).

If you get her emblemed with hearts/defense, she can shake off some sniper hits as well, so she’s sturdy, and if she starts firing, she can be a problem for the other side.

Not saying she’s the best tank or anything, but I think she’s a fine choice if you don’t have better options like Ursena or Guin.

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@PeachyKeen can answer this better than I can.

But at first blush, I don’t know if she would always be a good flank or if it is just situational. With PKs setup, there isn’t a good place to dump tiles. Everywhere you look there is punishment to be had. So my guess would be that like with most def setups the overall team synergy matters most.


Onatel is a great flank. Perfect for Bosswolf. She doesn’t do a ton of damage, but thats not why she is there.

Interestingly, I was running her as a tank in hopes of dumping Bosswolf for emblems for Alby. But that was a failure, as she wasn’t strong enough to keep the cups, as I dropped into platinum a couple times.


I honestly could see it with a team like Kunchen-BK-Ursena-Onatel-Ariel.

Seems like a natural pair! Boss Wolf delays mana speed, and Onatel ensures that the attackers she targets have a very difficult time charging their skills and taking more riposte damage :slight_smile:


And Boss also speeds ally mana. Meanwhile Ariel charges on the other flank.

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What if?
Presumably winrates would increase dramatically for better attackers, and other players that usually get by purely on the strength of their roster and wallets would see a temporary dip until they were forced to improve their tile play at which point they’d see an increase as well.

@Dozer: Yes, Onatel is a FINE Flank. Some data that supports my comment:

@Wondermoose @Cvs @PeachyKeen @AliceCooper
@Aabbott21 @DaveCozy


I’ve been thinking of a dream team consisting of:

Alberich+20 / Grazul+20 / Aegir+20 / Grazul+20 / ???+20

All defense/hp emblems. I’m not so sure for the last one, maybe another Alberich or Grazul, or maybe Vivica for the +defense buff? But I’d rather have HoT or faster heals for the last one… is there a healer with HoT and +defense buff?

What do you guys think? This team as defense on the healing alliance wars… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: You wanna try to beat me, I’m gonna make you waste 30 minutes!

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That lineup has no teeth. It would easily be wrecked many times over. Double grazul is fine in the 1-4, 2-5 positions

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but they would have to be killed before they get healed back up, and everyone on the team heals. Which means battles would take a long, long time for attackers, which means there’s less incentive for them to attack?

Use snipers and pick them off one at a time. Add one healer to keep snipers alive (in my case, Ariel with bonus mana boost) and one dispeller for Aegir. I’d take out Alby first myself. Could even be a rainbow team since I’m using the specials to kill. 3 sniper hits should take out any one of them, even emblemed.

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then I guess the 5th hero could be that one that prevents dispelling in s3 to keep the shared damage on all heroes.

The only way that lineup is a problem is if you are facing an alliance without deep benches. Otherwise, just bringing a stack of fast hitters, charge them up and wipe them out one at a time.

Ive faced similar lineups. The key is to fire up all heroes so they’re all ready at the same time. Obviously a dispeller is a must when facing Aegir. So you fire all hitters at one hero— take it out. Dump all your tiles into the next hero, charge all specials, take then out. Without an actual hitter in that lineup, you just have the weak slash damage.

Sorry, but all healer lineups only work vs novices, shallow benches and abysmal boards.

I’ve had raided an Albi, Grazul, Aegir, Grazul and MN before but we’re on the same par with not more than 10 emblem on all heroes.
Managed to get the better of them with Rumpelstiltskin, Anzogh, Wilbur, Lianna and Magni. I almost lose on the countdown but with 2 minutes left, 1 red and 1 blue diamond pop up. Wilbur, Magni, Anzogh and the lucky Rumpelstiltskin’s skull blow the entire opposite team on the subsequent DOT.

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That’s a cool attacking team, but weak on defense. The attacker just has to throw tiles anywhere and snipe em one by one with 2 healers and 3 snipers.

Time out may happen sometimes, but that’s nothing to rely on.

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