WHAT IF: ALL TANK TEAMS became a 'thing'

Probably they will give him a new ability to transform, “Godzilla”. Attack and defense stats +20% for 3 turns.

And also, I still bring Kashrek for green stack. My Evelyn and Lianna survives much longer with him and also he has 7 nodes. :blush:


This raids bada$$


Especially against dottie-driven teams with blue tanks… :wink:


Now this one is trying to get his money worth it.

Play until you get all of attack bonus from overtime. :rofl:


All i can say… He’s delicious lol

Still have not maxed a kashrek

Show me stats when he hits 20/20 and Maybe i will max a KashZilla

Why wait when @Razor maxed his after encountering mine. :rofl:

His stats is 548/684/1393 with 7 nodes in addition to the 45% heal to himself and his flanks.
More health = more heal


I dont get the slow and average hero hate either.

There are many good average heroes and in my opinion the strongest card in the game, Ariel, is average as well (she basically enabled me to do that final push to global no.1 because apart from her being an amazing utility hero she nullifies Grave fully where he is not a threat anymore) considering the buffed Aegir actually is a challenge now and is a very well tuned card (not OP and not weak, just the right type of a strong hero both on attack and defense) the Average heroes are really where the real tile-twister will know how to abuse the board and obliterare the opponent.

On topic, I guess I missread the subject as for the offensive tank raid setup I would go with Guin - Onatel - Queen - Kunchen (or Aegir) and Santa, mana starving the opponent, while riding in the battle with a panzer tank, albeit with a broken main gun and just the machine gun to attack (Santa’s minions say hi!), but I think it would do the job while being near invincible.

“Average” hate dissipates when you get L23 mana troops (or so I’m told). That shifts them from 10 to 9 tiles, which really matters—an Average hero then charges with thee match-3s, just like a fast hero. With lower-level troops, an Average hero needs four match-3s, the same as a Slow hero. (Of course getting some match-4s, 5s, etc. will make a difference.)

The other issue is that so many Fast specials are so good.

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I have actually though about this before while trying to figure out this game and its mechanics.

It seems like such a good idea doesn’t it? I mean this game is a little weird in the fact that noone as of yet has put up a defense that lets them stay in the top of the top for very long. Now some people like that about this game. But it does point out to me one glaring thing…Their is no defense in this game and it is disproportionately oriented towards attack.

IMHO without a change to the damage calculation formula, or new defense based heroes and specials, or possibly making defensive attacks have color, even a all tank defense will fall with the right heroes and color stacking easily. Since there is no defensive counter to color stacking, even with defense getting a 20% defensive bonus … offense always will have the advantage.

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Horgal/mok arr/ ares /magni/vivica do ok for me I have yet to level
inari & Musashi missandra sartana are in progress , marjana is stuck 4/70 awaiting mats as is evelyn

1st 3 can soak a lot of damage & want to see how missandra will fit inplace of Magni when fully cooked mushashi looks an interesting swap in/out for vivica as marjana for ares . Also coulour double up options across the board

Wanted to put some words into this thread, just going to have to settle with this… Let me know what you guys are seeing and feeling…

@Rigs @AirHawk @Olmor @Wormwood (My man I honestly think you figured out THE ULTIMATE - exited to see it come to life) @Ray008 @Amessofamind @Anetho (you are a genius ANT-MAN) @Jedon (hope you are doing well brother) @mattp169 @drenai


Personally haven’t seen anything that strikes fear (yet) as far as this concept goes, at least not any more fear then some of the current faster defenses that are in play. I have seen more tanks in play lately, with a heavier dose of Aegir then I expected, but it doesn’t bother me unless I have a terrible board (so same as any other defense). I did see a few Aegir with Onatel flanks and that was a solid combo if I couldn’t get things going, but nothing that I would reroll on. In raids, I still have little to no issue with North and Alby or for that matter, any slow wings (a bit different in war when depth starts to fade). I certainly see how a tank defense could work with the right blend, but I don’t know how much you sacrifice in offense in order to create that (at least in mid game stages, might not matter if it’s your 5th and 6th ascensions as much). Anyway, still interested to see how this progresses or doesn’t, is there a particular defense that you’re seeing that is catching your eye? You alluded to a great set up, but maybe I just haven’t seen it yet.

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There is just such one ALL TANK D/TEAM that I feel knowing how the individual hero’s that make it up along with their particular TALENTS, however I will allow the owner of this team to reveal it themselves when they have them full and start their reign of TERROR! LOL. It’s a very strong HUNCH that along with Data shows it to be the ULTIMATE TANK TEAM. Until that happens, I don’t see any matching it at this time. This particular individual will be quick about getting there I know from personal experience. I’m very excited to see it unveiled…


The first weekly raid that has “all specials are very fast” as the buff would test this out :slight_smile:


Monsters with powerful slow specials being VERY FAST!!!

Just a few of the meta monsters will be enough to clean sweep.

If ONLY emblems don’t matter :wink:

Isn’t Raid offense pretty much always the same strategy anyway whatever the defense may be? Stack colors.

Kill tank with puzzle before it fires special; you win

Tank survives puzzle and fires special; you lose

Amirite? Or am I right?


Does Finley count as a tank?


Six times nope if the “tank” is Aegir. :stuck_out_tongue:

What the heck is an all tank team? Are there specific tank heroes?

:wink: :thinking:

@Razor I’m not sure if @PeachyKeen ever weighed in here. But he is running a FILTHY all tank team that commonly gets him into the top 100 without lifting a finger.

The current setup is:

Yunan +13, Ariel +13. Boss +12. Onatel +14, GM +14
4468TP of tankey goodness