WHAT IF: ALL TANK TEAMS became a 'thing'

So you’re all ready to take your bad ■■■ band of Snipers out for a night of raiding! The usual 6 of 6 and maybe a flask eh? Yeah!!! The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town…

What-if, after you have so thoughtfully obtained this ‘amazing’ sniper team with a fair tank, this night nothing is usual, in fact, all is odd - the boys have entered the twilight zone/black mirror…! There is nothing but ALL TANK TEAMS waiting for them? Top of the line TANK TEAMS, the ones that last ‘long time’ and hit hard! No 1 shooting anyone here! It would kind of even out the mana speed playing field wouldn’t it…

Don’t consider this WHAT-IF too far off… Data show’s we are headed that way (not necessarily to the degree I’m putting into the imagination). The old timers of the game, they have probably collected plenty a TANK along the way and may get tricky vs. the young guns. While so many struggle with a solid tank to lead their snipers… they may not have even seen it coming: AGE OF THE TANK TEAMS.


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And when I say TANK I mean card TANK’s, classic definition TANK’s, High High Health and High High Defense… it should bring to mind those not so well rated and not so well thought of… banding together.

You might want to start a separate thread on Classed Epics — that’s a great topic I wouldn’t want to get lost or blended in here.


I’m curious if these tanks will also be sporting higher attack, via the Classes. :grin:


All the teams that I’ve seen try this sacrifice far to much damage in order to accomplish it… Santa, North, Ona, Aegir, Kunchen, Ares, Guin, Horghall, Queen type tanks just simply don’t put out enough damage to be viable as a full defense in my opinion and DOT doesn’t care how much defense you have, so GM will burn you either way. :slight_smile:


I have to agree with @amessofamind. They just don’t hit as fast nor as hard and. ANd most of them are slow, average is the new slow in this game now

I think a Kunchen - Onatel - Santa - Aegir - Horghal might be competent enough to dish out some damage and pose a threat. That team would have the class diversity to be built up fully with emblems and form a china wall that you would need chip away at.

I would not touch that type of defense on heal aid :slightly_smiling_face:

You would probably take it down with a good board and decent snipers but any mistake will cost you dearly.


Well tanks have a few types:

  • high health / hit all or multi / annoying debuff (Justice/Richard/Horghall/Santa/Onatel/Wolf/Yunan)
  • high health / heal / buff or debuff (Ares/MN/Albi/QoH/Kunchen/Aeron/Vivica/Ariel/Guin)
  • low def or health / high attack / hit or kill all (Azlar/Isarnia/Quintus/Elena)
  • high def or health only (Thorne)
  • high def or health / self preservation (Elkanen)
  • GM is not a classic

There are probably some others I missed but these are the ones at the top of my head.

Offensively my ideal tank team would be:
Albi - Isarnia - Guin - Azlar - Kunchen

Albi can be replaced by Ariel
Kunchen can be replaced by Santa
Guin can be replaced by Onatel

Tank teams requires high survivability to pull off a big hit and obviously to finish off the opposing team and you only need 2 heroes namely the real classics, Isarnia and Azlar.
Kunchen’s debuff doubles Isarnia but I prefer Kunchen for his cleanse and survivability mostly.


This is my first pass at a tank defense. I don’t really have a true purple tank yet, so doubling up on red with Grave who is still statistically speaking a good tank.

I’ve fought a few similar defenses and the general consensus is still that there just isn’t enough fire power to finish the offense. However, I’m hopng a combination of Yunan, Grave and The Queen will make a difference.

It seems to me like the next generation of true tank should have a damage causing element as a new standard. I shall report the outcome of my new defense after a few days. Anyone with a vid should post here if possible…


I think what @Razor meant was which 5 tanks would you bring for raiding :wink:

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Hahaha, I’ll have to read it again. Still, the thought of tanks that can cause significant damage is very intriguing and one idea I think SG should continue to introduce.


@AirHawk actually both, yet more so on raiding with your sniper team and there is just a bunch of TANK teams to select from. They don’t have to be regarded as a ‘tank’ in the game only playing that position, they could be classed as one by their card alone - not knowing how they actually perform in the game.

@Wormwood yeah you have gotten pretty close…

@Ray008 - I could agree that ‘Average’ is the new Slow… for now. @Rook brings up a point that was kinda originally intended but I split the topics probably before the line of thinking was complete however it stands well here.

Now WHY would I bring up? Because I’m seeing and experiencing it, the ‘trend’ started more than just recently. I agree @Amessofamind has it correct that testing has been going on. The cool thing is no one here has put together the TANK team that IS DEVASTATING to a SNIPER team! Guess what - ONE EXISTS!..


Well to be honest, I dont have the full squad I mentioned but if I do have them, I would replace the snipers with them in a heartbeat. So much more survivability there.

Battle of attrition is actually more fun in a 3-match where you get to experience more of the round rather than ending it in probably a minute or 2.

6 flags and if you can get an average 5 minutes per flag that would at least be more worthwhile to play 30 minutes of raiding where I enjoy so much more as compared to grinding where I literally stopped playing season 2.

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Oh and guys - @Ray008 actually hit one of my major points: Average is the new slow. It’s where the majority of players heads are… Honestly do you really think that all these monsters that have been created will indefinitely remain on the shelf? No, things always come full circle. They will have their time to shine and it won’t be pretty… it will be BLINDING!

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I d9n’t yet have any 5☆ tanks.
My rank is Boril.


@Jedon - Boril is a badass… he will win you many wars :).


I would think that the current slow monsters will become true monsters at a later date.

SLOW heroes - will become extra powerful that strikes fear to everyone who sees them and would be so afraid to activate their specials like a end game boss.


I don’t do AW hahaha … So I don’t play with a tank.
With my play style

With the Buff coming for Elena in update 20, i would think Elena gonna be a pain in the butt.

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Why no mention of kashrek? Lol

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