What I like about Tavern of Legends

I think that SG is succeeding with Tavern of Legends in these ways:

  1. The 10 event levels require the use of distinct heroes for each attempt, and I love it! This gave me a reason to use MANY of my down-roster heroes that I rarely have an excuse to use! I enjoyed the requirement, and I would like to see this more in other specials too! I would even like it if there were more than 10 levels (more than 50 heroes)! I think this is a win for SG for ‘freshness’, IMO.

  2. Tavern of Legends provides a newer player to the game a chance to ‘catch up’ on the old-timers, much like the Atlantis Return’s retread possibilities. Sure, I hate the odds, but the fact that there will be a regular monthly opportunity to acquire some of those critical heroes is a plus.

  3. Once again, there are free-pull opportunities for those FTP players. Could there be more FTP chances than just the 2 (200 Tavern coins) per event, “Yes” I think there should, but the FTP aspect is there, and I respect that SG includes the FTP opportunites (I am a CheapToPlay player, I purchase some of the ‘deals’ only, for the record).

Thank you SG for spending the time designing the Tavern of Legends!
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@Trash thank you for posting something positive!

Most of the ToL feedback focused on the draw (or specifically, the odds therein). I appreciate that you pointed out other facets of the event.

I enjoyed it, too. It was less challenging than I expected, but I very much appreciated that I had to go deep into my roster for the event.


Thanks for the added comments RicElDrac!
I secretly harbor a hope that SG will increase the number of levels to 15, spaced out through the middle of the difficulties, just because I still had heroes I could use! Good ole’ favorites of mine!
Maybe they (SG) might! nudge nudge SG!


2 free pulls with these odds are ftp opportunities?ok thats new to me.If its your taste though fair enough


@Trash I totally agree with what you say. I’m free to play and in my modest opinios, as costumes and the inclusion of challenge coins are too, this event is f2p friendly. Because what a f2p wants (besides, obviusly a way to get new heroes through other ways than summoning, we will see Hero Academy) are free summons (well, mats too but there are already sources, although obviusly any new one would be more than welcomed). The use of differents heroes is also a plus (my roster is still quite limited, but even though the oportunity was there for some to shine again). And even if the ods suck, you could at least see the old HOTM winking at you. So, room for improvement, sure, but reasons to praise, well for me yes.


I loved the event, I wish it had even more levels to push the limits of our benches

I like that previous hotms are available somehow.

I’m very skeptical of the claim that it lets people catch up. Newer players that want to spend money would be much better off in the S2/S3/Costume portals. They are all good enough to get into diamond and place well in tournaments for much better odds of stronger heroes at all rarities, as well as just 5*s. Free won’t get much, in 12 months you have like a 33% chance of getting an old hotm if you finish all of the levels - by then you’re hardly a new player.

In that way Tavern is really better for longer term players who are getting diminishing returns on the other portals and need the best of the best to improve their bench.


Well the event as event is ok but the rates are way off to be ftp friendly even p2w friendly.the portals are everywhere every month with multiple events etc they could make ONE event at least with better odds or more coins to earn.but no.

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I’ll agree with you that the Atlantis and Valhalla heroes are exciting and highly capable, but I am missing Frida and Evelyn, for example, and there’s precious few 5*‘s that replace their element defense ailment, which is critical against titans (again, that was an example). Yes, there’s always chances for SG to produce a new hero that has abilities I need, but there is still only one Gravemaker, and some heroes like Delilah and Alasie, (and someday) Zimkitha, Onatel, and Seshat, all kinda’ stand alone at what they do, and … and … and …

I am just saying that it’s nice to know that once a month, if I had a mind for it, I could hope to get that hero I missed out on all those months ago.


I did say that I wish we got more than 2-3 for free (because the odds kinda suck), but at least it’s not actually pay only.

It’s decent — the first couple of times — but the replay factor isn’t there IMO — will be a hair above find recruit II eventually … No FOMO

One suggestion would be to delink the Forced progression (quest style)— as it goes weak to strong; which is exactly the opposite how most people arrange their teams

There’s nothing to gain but trade items and coins… so you can set it up as a 10 slot war map to let folks do it in any order…

Can reuse that UX later for a mini war or something is desired.


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