What I Learned When I Lost All My Trophies


The teams you are matched against in raids has nothing to do with the team’s attack power. In fact, attack power is very misleading when it comes to judging a team’s strength.

You are matched based on the number of CUPS you’re holding. Your defense team holds cups while you’re off line based on how they fair against attackers. However, an attack team and a defense team are comprised of very different heroes (the best heroes are used for both, but we don’t all have those).

It sounds like your defense team can hold higher cups than your attack team can deal with. Try switching your defense up, so when you wake up each day, you’re at 1800 cups or so. Fights will be easier, your chests will get filed. As your roster expands, you’ll be able to handle harder teams on offense, and your defense can be adjusted to hold a higher cup count.

For example, I can hold about 2600 cups with my best defense team, but filling my chest each day at that level puts me over 2700/2800, and fights become very challenging (and repetitive). So, I use a weaker Defense team and drop to 2400 each morning. It works well.

Happy gaming!

ahh ok, I think I understand.
My def lineup is Mist…Kiril…Telluria…Leonidas…Tiburtus, and I change up Leonidas for Lancelot when raiding.

Telluria is one of the best tanks the game has seen in a long time. The top 100 is saturated with it. You may need to move her from that spot if you want to drop down to a cup count that lets you fight teams you can beat.


Holy Resurection!



One of my first Alliance leaders wanted to pull her hair out when I would attack war opponents that were between +200 and +500 TP!

Tips for attacking opponents with significantly higher TP without an arsenal of HOTM and Challenge Heroes:

-Wu Kong, Wilbur, Boldtusk and Kiril are your friends. I have two maxed Wu’s and three maxed Kiril’s. Just drew my second Boldtusk–only took 18 months. Hah.

-If you lack some of the heroes above, try a 3/2 attack team consisting of two healers and three fast hitters.

-Don’t re-roll on super strong opponents in raiding. Test out your teams to find good synergy. A synergized team can crush a much stronger opponent with only an average board. Example: Boldtusk, Kelile, Gormek, Wu, Li Xiu. Attack Boost, Defense Down, Mana Control, Burn Damage, and the Wu Factor work really, really well together against a green tank/purple flank.

Lastly–yes it’s frustrating to go up against stronger opponents. But the whole point of this thread back in 2018 was that losing raids isn’t all that bad. Learn, grow and share your wisdom with us!

Thanks for reading.


Well written, and well thought out.

Luckily I learned early on that trophy count was mostly meaningless, and especially meaningless to me.

For me, having fun trumps having status, especially when that status has no value outside of simply being a way to rank players that yields almost no in-game benefits. I want to simply fill my raid chest and be done with it, so I found a spot where I can generally win enough raids to fill my raid chest quickly, if I can use some tourney attacks to help do that, or use a flask, or simply fill it in 3-4 hours. I can hang in low Platinum reasonably well, and not worry about trying to get up near Diamond. I tried to get there a few times, and was just getting frustrated when I got close.

Now the game is rewarding status a bit more, due to the new PoV having a tier component to raid wins, so trophy count is more meaningful.

My solution is to still not even bother trying to reach Diamond. There’s no way I’d be able to win enough fights even if I can eke out an appearance there, and it’s not worth the agita.


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