What Heros are worth building more than 1?

I want to get opinions about which Heros are worth having more than 1 of. With wars, which I love btw, I have multiple healers maxed. Meleandor x 2, sabina x2, Boldtusk x3 and another sitting. But for war and events what are the others? I know many players have multiple gravediggers and Panthers ( I wish I had either) but what are your opinions on multiple heros ? Have fun and burn stuff. Sumo Slam

I have multiples I haven’t used (LiXiu, unleveled Sonya), but I would definitely level and use Atk or Def multipliers (Boldtusk, Grimm, etc), Wu on Attack, any sniper I have the mats to raise (Liana, Magni), and the heavy HOTM’s of course! :grin:

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I have extra Lianna , Domitia and Justice. I think 1 justice is plenty but lianna or domitia. Not sure. Ascension mats are hard to come by

I just maxed myb1st li xiu and have another. Always wanted one. I think she will rock in war. Ty

I agree the mats are hard to come by for final ascension. But it is definitely taking them to 3-70 A’s then they will help you immensely in AW and Titan hits

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I’m leveling my first Domitia now. I like LiXiu, but she seems to lack the oomph needed to help take down heavy hitters. I don’t use her as much as I once did.

I have x3 Boril (2 maxed 1 nit leveled)
X2 Gormek (1 max other on go)
And I like double Boril in def line.

Isn’t Sartana better than Domita?
Some says Domita doesn’t worth it.

I don’t have Sartana. My choices right now are:

  • Domitia
  • Sabina
  • Cyprian
  • Prisca
  • Balthezar
  • lvl 1 Tiburtus

I’m leveling the top two. :grin:

I’d love Tiburtus than Sabina.
She is weak … even if her tile damage is fine.

Sartana is better, I think everyone agrees. But if you already have a Sartana, Domitia may be better than another Sartana (there’s a discussion going on this; I’m just too lazy to look up the link).

Domitia is not Sartana, but she’s still plenty good.

I know and I am on the side of Sartana x2 btw :wink:
Just wondring if Domita worth to lose the AM on her. Thats all :smiley: cause I know that this is Rook and ofc has good point to do Domita :slight_smile:

I eat everything although I have kept multiples of Wu kong, kiril, bold…for 4*

And joon, saratana for 5*

I will likely not level any of those beyond the initial 1 there is always something else on the bench…

I use them during war for my 2 unleveled teams becuase color stacking w an atk buffer actually allows me to take out 3k power teams…

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My point was if I had Sartana, of course I would Level her first! :grin:. But since Domitia seems to be my best choice from what I actually have, she’s the one I’m working on. (Tiburtus soooon!)


I have found having multiples of Rigard to be incredibly useful… particularly in raids and war. If I happen upon an opponent with stacked or even a very strong holy - two Rigards will amplify my dark tiles and keep my team alive long enough to take out some pretty high powered opponents.


For war i keep multiple healers (sabina, kiril, etc) and fast heroes esp sonya, grimm, guardian jackal and falcon… maxed out 4* is better than 3/70 5* IMHO.

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Keep all the 5* heroes you get: you’ll never know if they’ll become useful.

For war you should definitely have as many A-War heroes you can.
For events you should have as many A-Effect heroes you need.

The proceed with B rating ones.
C heroes could be handy in some instances but not as many as the other rated heroes.

from 7DD’s hero grading sheet


Domitia rocks. I want li xiu for the mana reduction. Used at the right time can mean winning. She is not very durable though

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I have 1 Boril. I dont use him much. I probably use him wrong

I have both. Sartana is A rated but domitia is great as well

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