What heroes to keep?

I have a number of heroes that I have twice and I am wondering if I should keep them. As it stands now I already have 7 heroes that need ascending.
My doubles are:
Little John

I am keeping Sabina/Sartana/Kiril and Wilbur.

Thoughts on keeping the doubles?

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Keep Grazul , and ascend her!

Is she really that good? To have 2?

I will keep her then. I must say, I love how she looks:)

do you need the bench depth for War, Ninja Tower and Tavern of Legends?

Caedmon is worth it for a fast dispel. and if you have his costume, i would definitely keep two.

Grimm and Kelile could potentially be useful for war and ninja tower depth

Kashhrek, but only if you have his costume for the overheal

I haven’t really thought about Tavern of Legends or Ninja Tower. I do enjoy titans, so maybe a second Caedmon is worth it. I don’t have costumes for Grimm or Kelile.

How about War? Mythic Titans?

for Mythic Titans, I would argue for Grimm (even without a costume). Can use 2x Grimm for 2x Blue titan teams (especially if you don’t have Isarnia).

if you don’t do ninja tower or Tavern of Legends, keeping dupes becomes less important in my opinion.

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My Grazul is 3/70 but even now shi perform very good

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Keep dupes of him for wars, mythic titans, ninja tower, tavern quest, etc. I have 2 maxed and 1 at 3/60 as I am still building my 3rd monored team for wars.

Kiril and Sabina, too. They greatly improve with costume.

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