What heroes should I be using for best defense team

What heroes should I be using to get best raid defense team? Have been struggling with raids lately so think my defense team isn’t set up right and may need to look at training new heroes. All heroes in my roster below

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Pant Ranv Heim Mag Marj

Ranvir can be changed with Poseidon or Joon, Marjana with Queen or Tyr.

Try for the best by raiding with that team.

Currently have been using guardian panther, ranvir, heimdall, magni and marjana and keep getting beaten in raids. Got to diamond then lost 350 trophies in revenge attacks

Sounds familiar to me.
That’s how it goes.

Momentarily the only thing to change that is to put Telluria on tank position. She’ll keep you above 2500 @~+10 and above.

I have been thinking that. Have only just started leveling her up. Have found her to be a hard 1 to beat when I’ve been up against her. Heimdall is good when you can use his special skill but slow mana is a pain

I love my slowies…

With your current maxed 5*
Pant Ranv Heim Mag Marj
This will get you in the diamond/platinum area but it’s not the ideal defense. Panther is a glass canyon and Ranvir is too unreliable but the main concern is this defense has no real synergy. I highly suggest you prioritize and work on both Telluria and Vela, these 2 alone will keep you in 2500 cup range with you having to do any work. Right now, you roster only really lacks a purple sniper but I would work towards a defense in this setup
(Purple sniper) Tyr Tel Vela Joon. Of coarse if you get GM next month, no brained to replace Tyr with him.

Thanks for that. Had been thinking about leveling Vela. Will work on those 2. Who would you recommend for a purple snipper

I don’t see a good 5* purple sniper in your lineup but here are a few, Sartana, Kage, Seshat that will work in wing position. Also if you get Ursena, she’s not a sniper but she is so op. Just note Ursena is only good in tank or flank position

I have Santana. Havent leveled her up yet. Also have obakan, quintus, domitia and mok arr for 5 star purple plus kunchen

Go Sartana, Kunchen is a very good hero but in the tank role mainly so you don’t want him in your defense since Telluria is already your tank.

Kage is awful at wing… Even at vfast, he generally doesn’t fire early enough to hit targets with over half health, which he really needs to.

My defence holds better with Mok at wing than Kage, that’s how poor Kage goes at wing (and Mok whilst useful in attack isn’t a good hero on defence) but no regrets, I love him on attack.

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Thanks for that. Looks like I have a fair bit of leveling to do

Only thing I would say is you want to pick based on attacking - that gets you more mats and more fun… Defence shouldn’t be the priority.

In that vein, more snipe is worthwhile - I’d prioritize Sartana anyway.
I’d also prioritize Lianna over Telluria - you’ve got one excellent tactical green hero in Heimdall already, you want some stab too.
I’d pick either Poseidon or Joon as next yellow 5*.

All that said… There’s some key 4* hero’s there not maxed… You want to get those done too!

I do like heimdall. The fact he adds on additional health if health is full plus the chance to revive fallen heroes is awesome too. Just slow mana generation. Telluria is good for the fact she attacks plus heals. Have found her a hard 1 to beat. Yes I have a heap of heroes to level up. Know there are some good epic still to be leveled. Just a matter of prioritising which to do first

Indeed… Telluria is worth it in attack as well as defence, but I wouldn’t level up two support hero’s with no attackers in that colour (Telluria’s damage is low, it’s very much secondary), that’s why I’d do Lianna first.

Lianna I need 1 more tonic and then I can get her up.level 80. Been waiting on I’m for ages. Hopefully I’ll get the 1 from valor if not before. Sill trying to get m head around the strategy if this game and how different heroes work in which position

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