What heroes are the biggest disappointment?

Not true at all. For someone with both, a surplus of mats, and not a deep roster…definitely worth it considering the growing number of events that require deeper rosters. Not to mention one is way more effective in 5* play than the other.

Pomp with his typical twisting of what was said in an attempt to make a point.

I want a buff for all of the heroes that do the exact same thing, and more specifically (what I said in another comment shortly after the one where I said I would like a buff for Aegir, Mica, Wilbur, and Gunnar, etc) is that there are many older and neglected heroes that need a refresher.

Nice try though. :+1:

I am ashamed to say that I used 10 heroes to get Thor in SE. I never use him, except in Tavern of Legends.


Who has Mica but does not have Wilbur?

That’s Wilbur alright!
I have both, Well done making my point.

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That literally wasn’t part of the conversation. Perhaps re-reading what you commented and my response to that comment would make it even clearer than it already is.

Oh Pomp…you’re so silly. Nothing of the sort happened. Fantasy world you’re in can play tricks on you.

Gotta go enjoy rest of the Portugal vs Uruguay game! Cheers mate!!

There are a lot of meh heroes and the majority of them, we ALREADY KNOW ARE TRASH so I’ll just list the one’s I’ve made a mistake (I should have known better) in maxing.

Followed by the ones that were deserving of mats but afterwards I regret.

Clarissa (5" Valeria)
Kageburado (in fairness he was one of the very first very fast hero after GM but his SS trips him up.)
Senan (effn slayer… No need for explanation)

Rana (I still don’t know what she does even though I maxed her and costume WTF!)
Uraeus (your @$$)

Cristobal (his SS reminds me of Kageburado)

Lady Loki (get ailments first to try to win is just dumb… Actually she reminds me that I was dumb to give her rings.)
Elizabeth (stupid me maxed 2! Her fiends are not bad but the new heroes have made her fall behind)
Tyr (red cockroach… He might be salvaged with the costume X fingers)

So regret 10 heroes out of 140 maxed, I feel a little better.

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This surprises me, honestly. I consider Uraeus to be a top-tier striker: he’s not Slow, he does a lot of damage, he counters heavy-minion defenses, and he adds meat shields to a mono yellow (or a lineup with another 2021 hero) lineup. Are there better heroes? Yeah, I guess. But actively bad? I hadn’t even considered that possibility.

I kinda regret training my Poseidon to 4/80, for example. But at the time, I needed more yellows for War.


Are you saying people shouldn’t have the right to want heroes buffed? Isn’t this the official empires and puzzles forum where people can express themselves or how they feel if something is off or can be improved.

Not at all. Many should be buffed. Merely adding more similar skill heroes as Mica…especially since they’re older than Mica.

:joy::joy: thanks for the laughs!! You’re a chap and a half…LITERALLY!!

Thanks for proving my points for me!

There isn’t a waiting que for heroes being lined up to receive buffs based off their release time lol.

There should be though! I’ve been waiting for my Exeera to receive some sort of a buff/rework since she was released. In this whole time, I’ve faced her once and never seen anyone use her when attacking my raid defense :joy:

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Me…wait, you…no, me…LITERALLY the only person? People? to use the word LITERALLY….like ever! Totally got me…us…you…dang, screw it! :joy:

Whoa whao dawg!
You forgot to swap accounts!

Tyr - I was stoked to get him and super excited. But he is a gamble on his rez and revive skill, at the mercy of RnG and bad boards. he lost his emblems and just sits on the sidelines unused as a waste of mats… so sad…

Yang Mai - seemed good on paper, but in reality very underwhelming.

Balbar - Seemed like an OP hero, but his sleep is broken too easily, and unwanted cascades are the bane of every strategic offense.


I saw a funny description along the lines of




MyZery (Three)(Misery)


Wow I have to massively disagree here. Rana is great and you even have her costume with the massive damage over time and uncleansable heal debuff.

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Serious? To me, Rayne is one of my top-heroes. Yes, his hit is already very hard, that is why I went balanced on the emblem path and not full attack. The poison is really a surplus.
I can’t count how many times Rayne his poison has killed off the entire defense. Just have to keep one of your heroes alive long enough for the poison to spread… and it is frequently undispellable as wellL
I use him a lot against Taunt heroes, as his poison spreads even with the taunt active.


Elkanen and 1st Costume Elkanen regretted uping him immediately.

I don’t get the hate for cristobal. I use him all the time. He hits hard.


If youbtime him right on attack teams - on dedense he is a liability if he fires his first special