What heroes are great for farming events/hard map stages?

I would like to know what heroes/teams you guys use for farming any stages that are difficult. eg. Gashadokuro lol

I’d like to know what’s the hardset / highest stage anyone is auto-farming on regular bases. Also what teams they’re using.

I can sometimes auto play season 1 final boss. (23-11)

Team I use is: C. Magni, Zimkitha, Hiemdall, White Rabbit, Jabberwock

All with 20 Emblems. That being said Season 1 stages aren’t that hard. As far as I know that stage still gives the best XP per flag for any map stage.

I can auto run easy stages in S3 in province 22 with


I think that key to auto farm hard levels is heavy healing with at least 1 resurecter

I use my green mono:

Heimdall - Evelyn - Zeline - Lianna - Mother North

A member of my alliance is autofarming on S3 36-9 for the avatars of gullinbursti and the “golden ghost” with
Kunchen Heimdall Noor Freya Frosch
He said, he can even auto farm on hard mode with that team on Valhalla Forever

Lady of the Lake is a beast against bosses. I use her with my regular team : Frigg, Lady of the Lake, Phileas Fogg, Prof. Lidenbrock and a hitter (Gefjon, Jabberwock…).

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Isn’t there a chance that before you get the green tiles the slash attacks will start killing heroes off? I find going mono takes much longer in auto farming and is definitely not a safe option, at least for my heroes


To me the key is heal, overheal, minions, ongoing DOT. I use Gullinbursiti, Noor, Frosth, Baldur with the last slot ntechangeable. Currently that slot is taken by my 3/70 Alfrike.

There are two critical parts to auto farming hard stages - the very beginning and the very end. At the beginning you need to get heals or minions in or my heroes start to die from slash attacks, and if one dies then ultimately it is most probably a loss. So I have to go in with at least 4 different colors to maximise my chances.

The end is critical because of the bosses and so that is where going in with heroes overhealed and 3 layers of minion gives the best chance of succeeding. Certain bosses with specific specials will make auto farming very difficult, but apart from those this team can handle almost every hard map stage and all but the last stage of the costume quest

There probably is, but frankly I never died doing it this way. The double revive chance with a heal is just enough.

Working through the S3 hard map stages I used Heimdall and Krampus +3 as appropriate

Overhealing, riposte, minions, aoe are suitable skills for farming difficult stages.

I use:

Cyprian (costume unequipped)

to auto-farm Gashadokuro at 13-1 Hard (greatest source of seadragon) during AR.

If I have C.Rigard/Bera/MN/Alby/Heimdall, I would replace Telluria then Noor with them.

Every healers that have cleanse or max HP increase and minion makers are good against Gashadokuro.

Anyone tried a fully emblemed team of:

Wu Kong with MCB - Kunchen - Heimdall - Anzogh - Raffaele? I think they can pretty much mow down most maps, even the hard ones. Wu for the crazy tile damage boost. Kunchen for the heal and defense debuff to all enemies. Heimdall for the overheal and attack buff (may also be Mother North for the instaheal, rezz and minions). Anzogh for the AOE and damage-based healing. And Raffaele for the insta-50% health for your dying allies and the subsequent heal overtime.

Just a theory though.

If you want rainbow, I think Noor will give more survivability than Anzogh especially as that team don’t have minion maker.

Raphaele might not be necessary as with max HP and minion the HP might not even go down to under 50%, I would prefer Ariel to increase mana regen.

I was thinking of autoplay since OP may be hunting for the avatar mission, this the rainbow team. I dunno about Noor, but with Anzogh, he deals AOE damage while providing heal of a fraction of the damage dealt. Except Wu, all the rest of the heroes of various elements provide healing of some sort that I’d rather use healers than pure minion summoners since minions die and none of the enemies are summoning their minions. Raffaele is there to ensure that dying ally heroes have more chances of surviving. This configuration is for autoplay. All tiles deal damage and boosted by Wu. The rest of the healers are there to ensure survivability in hard mode maps.

I dunno. I don’t have most of the heroes there except Wu with MCB unemblemed and Kunchen at 3/70.

I autofarm all map stages (except for the final bosses of S2 and S3) using the following:

  • Elizabeth+20
  • Bera+20
  • Guardian Gazelle+20
  • Ariel+20
  • Freya+20

I use Gazelle +20, MN +10, Heimdall +20, Almur +20, and Telluria on any level. Im through all of S4 HM without losing yet. :smiley:

There no such a particular hero for farming but i chose one over heal hero one counterattacker and rest hit all/hit three hero for fast progress!!! Most of the time i go with hard hitters

Oh I forget about Skadi, I heard that she is good for farming.

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