What hero were you most happy you pulled?

It is unreal … why is it cost so expensive?

The previous two in the roster became super useful….


Lady of the Lake!

But I am happy about Miki, and I was also very happy with Proteus.
I didn’t realise at the time how valuable Miki was/is, I was new to the game and he was HOTM and I got him.
I was super happy with vanda, too…
Perseus and C Perseus / Hel and C Hel.
Oh lord there’s too many, but LotL is my favourite of all

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For me I’ve been most happy in the very early days when I first got Viv, again pleased when I got her costume and still happy when I got her 2nd costume.

I guess I’m a massive Viv fan.

Black Knight and Panther were in the same 10 pull.


For 5* heroes = This rainbow set for me


Worst team setup :joy: no damage no healer besides ludwig its a free team to beat​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Waites four years for her. And today - wirh a coffee in my hand - she suddenly comes along :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I remember chasing her like a pirate for the redhead in the Pirates of Caribbean ride lol. Got her then they nerfed her twice and left her to rot. Congratulations on getting her. I finally got the happy hippo and they will probably repeat history and nerf that one too LOL

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Alfrike, Tetisheri, Alucard, Devana, Hanitra, C. Krampus (before the nerf), Lady of the Lake, Xno, Lepiota, Amethyst

Sometimes I needed time to see how useful these heroes actually were for my teams

Hippo is very easy to chase i think its to make everyone be able to kill any team in raid less rage and angry people. With only season one hero if they summon guardian hippo they will be able to reach 3300 trophies

Yay … it’s not my defence team for raids or war …

It’s 5* heroes one of each colour that I actually felt happy that I pulled …

I feel the same about my 3* and 4* heroes


I actually didn’t chase him he was a free pull LMAO shocking cuz that never happens but to be honest with you I actually enjoy getting some of the new four stars some of them seem to be quite underrated

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No hero worth any penny since they start not listening bêta tester :slight_smile:

Most recently, hatter. He was one of the few old gen event heroes that I really wanted, as much as LOTL.

Back in the day I was the envy of the whole block when I pulled Guinevere.

She was my tank for a long time.