What hero were you most happy you pulled?

Not necessarily which hero is best or that you’ve used the most, but which hero were you most happy with at the moment you pulled?

For me, it would have to be Krampus. I never pulled specifically for 1 hero but pretty much did this month and actually got him using only two ten pulls. Fits in very perfectly for me…

  • First 5* sorcerer and have tons of available emblems
  • Synergy with Mother North, Freya and blue heroes
  • Had scopes and needed blue hero to ascend
  • Only available once per year so only chance to get

So I was pumped when I pulled him earlier this month. Which hero was like this for you?


He is my go to healer! I have 6 of them. 1 fully talented, 1 in talent grid, 1 ready for last ascension and 2 going to 1st ascension… He has saved my heros more time than not…


Thinking way back, the hero that I was most excited about pulling was Wilbur. He made a big difference in my titan scores, especially since at the time Wu Kong was avoiding me.

Second was when I pulled Ariel, my most-used hero. It was completely unexpected.


This is going to sound stupid, but I think the hero I was most excited to pull was Obakan.

Because he was my first 5 star hero. After playing for 6+ damn months with no 5 star heroes!!! Obakan was like a bottle of water in the desert.

Granted, I later realized that it was really bad water… but hey, when you’ve been wandering a hero-less desert for 6 months, you take what you can get!


As you can see in my profile picture, Seshat and the Hatter.

Seshat because when she first appeared as a HOTM in Jule 2019, I really liked her. Since then, she’s the main purple in my team.

The Hatter because it was unexpected. I pulled in Wonderland two minutes before it ended and I got him. It was a bit tricky to get used to his ability, but now I feel a big pleasure stealing buffs.:yum:


Evelyn because she was my first HOTM, her art is awesome, and Elemental def down is huge. The one-two punch of Evelyn and Lianna is a mainstay of my raiding offense lineup.

Proteus because dang that dude was impossible to get! The game really didnt want to give me a Proteus and he is amazing for harder levels and challenge events. Was truly a game changer once I maxed him.

I should have been more excited when I pulled Malosi, but I did not appreciate how stellar his special skill can be when timed just right. “No buffs for you!”


Moat recently, Onatel. I was pulling for Ariel in last Atlantis (still no luck) and Onatel popped out. I’ve always hated going against her in raids, love her artwork and I’m having to be extremely disciplined to finish my current Holy project before I start on her.

Before that, Heimdell. I wanted him ever since I first read about him in Beta. I now have 3 (pulled my third on a single pull this morning!)

Before that, BT and Wilbur. Absolute stalwarts and changed my progress.


Definitely Gravemaker in May’s Atlantis. From free coins.


4s Kiril and Proteus, Mist
Tough one but Ariel, Drake and Frigg I think

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A tough question! Most of my heroes made me extremely happy. But if I HAD to choose that would be:
4* - Proteus and Wilbur
5* - Alberich and Lady of the Lake


Definitely Azlar, because it was my first 5 *. And then Lianna, because I wanted her the most and felt like I had to wait for her the longest.


Seshat when she was a hotm back in june-19, guardian panther in a free coin pull, and Cobalt this month.


Grimble, because he was my very first 5* hero and Mother North because she was one of those really wanted heroes and since I had pulled Grimble earlier in the week I had no hopes at all of getting her, yet there she was.


In my first week playing I pulled Telly as first 5, I think the next happiest would be Panther or Jabberwock , I was prepared to do 2 or 3 10 pulls with fingers crossed looking for Panther got her on in first 3 pulls off challenge coins ! Jabberwock I got in first 10 pull righ after Wonderland popped up, both times I was just a combo happy, and shocked !!!


I think it was Francine. I pulled her with only 9 EHT stored and she indeed was what my roster needed. Green is my less crowed colour in 5 ☆. I have enough yellows, blue or red but not green. Green was and i think it will always be my less favoured colour. (Elkanen, horghall and Francine)

Another excelent pull that was absolutely unexpected was Seshat from TOL in a few pulls i did on November.

Garnet and Odin were really apreciated too as well as Krampus. I dont usually do lots of pulls so i was really lucky this year despite the failure of Telluria in March and despite not being able to pull Heimdall or Frigg to set a solid green tank in wars.


Guardian Panther!!

I’d always wanted her. But I’d never thought I would actually get her.

I got her with only two challenge coins last Teltoc event (November 2020), and I was so shocked and happy to get her! I was expecting another Guardian Bat when I summoned Panther.

  • My first challenge event 5*
  • Edit: Third 5* fighter, and plenty of emblems
  • Only elemental defence down against dark
  • Held off maxing Sartana Costume #3 and it paid off!!

I will probably never summon from Teltoc again. :joy::rofl:


As a new player, I watched as every HotM evaded me, until I pulled Seshat. I had been hoping all month I could land her. Still use her all the time. She is still part of my defense team!


For me Black Knight when he just appeared as part of new Avalon heroes and he’s is in all my fights ever since.


Telly, then they ruined her.

My early Christmas present this morning, I’ve been hoping for her since her first mention:


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