What hero to ascend? Decisions decisions

Gonna pick up the telescope deal. So I narrowed my choice between Magni or Aegir. Any help is appropriated. Leaning towards Magni but not 100% .

It depends on your team and needs. In general, I’d lean to Magni, but again, it depends on what you’ve got.

Do Magni before Aegir… you’ll never regret that decision :grin:

Ok. Awesome. Thanks for the imput!

Scored another ascension from a regular chest. A tabard. Wow. So now I can ascend kionna or Aaron. Ant thoughts?

Congrats both are good. If you haven’t a 5* healer like viv or deli Aeron is the choice. Khiona is nice …good for Titan…pvp…war …so depends on what you need first :grin: