What Hero Power is required for each Titan star level

Assuming an active 30-person alliance, for each star level of Titan what would be an reasonable average team composition for taking down a Titan? (e.g. 5* Titan can be reasonably taken down using all maxed 3* heroes or 2k TP)

I’ve recently grown to be one of the more powerful members in my alliance and was wondering if I were to change alliances, what Titan star level I should be expecting given my Titan damage potential. I don’t think this question is just purely DPS as I know I can hit a 5* for enough damage required for higher starred Titans, but the 3* heroes doing some of that damage are too squishy to survive long enough with a 7* since they can be 1-shot.

If this has already been discussed somewhere, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

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I don’t have the direct answers for you, as it’s kind of complicated and I haven’t been hitting low-mid Titans for a very long time. But I’ll do my best!

What I can tell you is it depends on your playstyle, what heroes you have available to you, if you use items, and where you want to be on the Titan leaderboard.
My best advice to you is to hit as high of a Titan as possible without breaking the bank on items (I’m talking expensive items, tornadoes/time stops, flasks). As long as you hit 1% of the Titan’s total health you will get full rewards. This adds extra stress on your new alliance though as they’ll have to make up your extra damage, but there are a lot of good alliances out there that are willing to do it for the right member (they’ll be carrying you for a bit, appreciate this as it’s boosting your ascension income).

While I’d prefer to suggest a Titan difficulty after I know your whole situation (your heroes, item usage, how many hits per Titan) I can let you know my experience with Titans. I’ll list what it takes to be a top 5 hitter, if you can be a top 5, you can afford to move up Titans.

On 4* & 5* You can be the top 5 with lvl 60 4* or specialized 3* Titan teams.

On 6* & 7* You can be top 5 of the Titan boards if you have mix of 60 or maxed 4* Titan team with some of the following:
Wukong, an armor debuffer, and Boldtusk/kiril +supporting strong colors.

On 8*/9* you can be top 5 if you use minor items (Mana, arrows, axes, health pots, etc) and if you have the majority of damage stackers in each color, strong supporting colors, and good strategy and know-how.

On 10* to be top 5, you will need just about all of the 4* damage stackers with options of maxed 5*, elemental debuffers, bigger items, and solid strategy and know-how.

I’m writing this on the fly so it’s up for debate, it really depends on a lot of factors so this can’t be taken as 100% correct. Some heroes can be substituted for items and vice versa. Shameless plug- If you’ve outgrown your 6-7* alliance, I’ve got a spot open for a quality member in Syndicate of War hitting 9* Titans. We’ll be in top 100 soon. We can talk further if you’re interested.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your feedback. It was very helpful. The key thing was tempering my expectations if I were to find a new alliance. And I hope the generalized feedback will help others in a similar situation.

Thanks for the shameless plug, but I’m still a ways from being near adequate for a 9* Titan alliance. Just got my 4th 4* today. So I’d be considering 6/7*.

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If you use timestops, you can even survive a 10* with 2* heroes.

Items are very important for survive, and the more is the difference between your team and the titan, or the more you want to “invest” in titan damage, the more items you need to use.

Here is a quick and easy formula that can be used as a general guideline:

Max hero is 5*, max Titan is 10*. So take the Titan level and divide by 2. That will tell you what heroes you should try to have in order to have success on the Titan.

Ex: for 8* Titan, aim to have a team of 4* heroes.


We only hit 10* in Crystal palace and you don’t need all 5* heroes. Majority of my team is 4* with the exception being a purple titan I take 3 5*. For a normal titan hit I take minor health, minor mana arrows and depending on the titan would be minor anitodes or bear banner or defensive banner. I just put down 200k on a kraken in 5 hits with very little items.


Any chance you would be willing to share the team so those of us that only get five figure hits can learn?

Athena and wu on all the titans. So I will just put the other 3 heroes I change from each titan. Typing it all out it’s about 3 5* per titan.

Blue - cademon, lianna, horghall
Red - kiril, 3/70 Arthur, 3/70 perseus
Purple - Jackel, Joon, Viv
Yellow - Panther, rigard, Toth
Green - falcon, boldtusk, azlar

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Could you record all the hit on your next titan?

Really curious to see how you use only minor items as you said.
Not even axes.

Yeah. Titan spawns tonight. I’ll record all 3 hits

149k in 3 hits.


@Dator I believe you meant to reverse the above heroes.

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Yeah…I can’t work and post on the forums at the same time.


What would you have for a 7* titan?

@maliciousbuthot cool name BTW! I like it!

I mean, with a 7* titan you can still do some good damage with 3*/4* heroes and 5* aren’t essential, so that’s why the general formula works. There will always be exceptions based on skill level, hero color options, and what grade you’re trying to make, but I think it serves as a workable rough guide.

If I were still working with only 3* heroes, for example, I wouldn’t jump into an alliance battling 7* titans yet. It would be frustrating to score so poorly.

We finally beat a 7 the other day but it took so long that when the next titan came ((30 mins later)) everyone was out of flags and that one got away. I normally score 120,000. Once 140,000 on a 7*. I was just wondering some tips for everyone else in my alliance as they are not as powerful

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