What hero do you want and what are you willing to trade for them?

To start, the possibility to trade heroes with other players is a pipe-dream and more than likely will never happen. Setting that aside we all have that 1 hero or group of heroes were chasing after, and we chase them like that magic dragon. If it were possible you could trade for heroes
A. Who would you trade for?
B. Who are you willing to give up for them?
They need to be somewhat equal for exchange I.E. a 4 star for a 4 star, 5 star for 5 star, or group for heroes for 1. (we all want an Alberich for an Alfe, Kuchen for Layla)
They will be traded at the level the are summoned at (Level 1, ascension 1) with no ascension items given.

The hero I’m chasing like most is Gravemaker, I’ve never had the chance to pull him and need a solid fire attacker. I would be willing to give up a few of my extra 5 star heroes, Kunchen, Onatel, Zocc, Seshat or Clarissa. I think giving them a package of 2 or 3of these for him would be more than a fair trade for him since he is considered one of if not the best hero.

Update 8/26/20
I really wish someone at SG could see this! It seems like many people are chasing that dragon and a hero trading market would be something many of us want. Thank you all for showing me I’m not the only one out there. I can only hope that they take a good look at forums like this one and reconsider giving us the ability to trade. Since doing so could be in incentive for the veteran players to bring in their friends by giving them some of their copies.


Guardian Panther…I would give all my 5* dupes for her. 58 of them. Lol.

But seriously, I would give a lot for her. Been on my most wanted list since I’ve been playing.


Would indeed trade my alberich, grazul or ariel dupes for one Hel… never been able to get her!


I would be happy to trade you mine for your Alberich if it were possible.


Miki 100%.

20 wishes


I’ve got all my fav heroes with hard trying with only c2p little few gems so I’m kinda attached on them… would not trade my c. Lianna, c. Vivica, miki, Vela, Tell, Ariel, c. Azlar for others. Double Horghall, domitia, marjana and Obakans in my bench that I will never max I’d exchange for a 10x of troops. They hard to level up.


I would trade 4/5ths of a TC20 sniper set for a Gravemaker. I’m still missing Magni but I have 3 each of the others (Lianna, Joon, Marjana, Sartana).

Unfortunately I don’t have anything better to offer.

I would love to see a token where you could get any hero you wanted, you’d just have to climb a mountain and a half to get it.


I would trade a fully leveled Panther duplicate for a 1/1 Zimkitha or a 4/80 Alberich.

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If you dont mind my asking, why do you want Zim? She’s okay in my book.

I’ll give 7 Elenas for a Panther or Hel…

Heck, I’ll throw in 5 Elkanens and a couple of Vivica’s

I can spare a Miki and a couple of Clarissas if people want to talk another deal…

Fast cleanse with 5* base stats.


What I want the most in order: Zim, Mitsuko, Gravemaker, Hel, Frida, MN.
I would be willing to give up a few of my extra: Telluria, Kingston, Poseidon, Ursena

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I’d love Black Knight. I’d give up my Noor, Raffaele and Inari for him in a heart beat.

Hero I want most right now is Almur. Just can’t get that 4* :joy:

I’d part exchange half a peanut and a Starbucks brown sugar sachet


For me it’s got to be either Gravemaker or Vela. Probably vela most of all.
And I would trade ten duplicate five stars from my roster…

I would soooo jump at that. I have two extra Zims and I don’t really use my 4/80 Albie much (sacrilege…I know!)


So youre saying youre going to pay out at the next offer?

It’s the worst portal in the game.

There’s tonnes of threads where it tells you it’s the worst portal in the game.

Did I mention Tavern of Legends is the worst portal in the game??


You might have said that once or twice. I’m not sure.

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