What has happened to PVP?

Prior to the latest update, I would get match combos (and therefore win) on about 1 in 6 PVP battles. It didn’t seem to matter how powerful or weak my opponent was, I would always lose the battles where I didn’t get those combo roll ons.

Since the update, I am only getting those combo roll ons about 1 in 10 PVP battles. Also, my mana hardly increases (yes, I know that the further my troops travel, the more mana I get) whereas my enemies usually generate full mana in 2 or 3 attacks. This is making the PVP battles pretty much impossible.

Can this please be investigated? It is ruining the game.


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Boards are random and you’re imagining the mana differences you describe.



Dang Brobb no mercy lol…

Not even close to true. The boards are most definately not random. On my team, fast generating mana during PVP battles takes 12 to 15 gems to fill. During monster battles, it takes about 9.

Also, during monster battles, combo rolls occur in almost every battle. In PVP, it happens 1 in 10.

First off. The boards are random. There is no arguing this. Many before you have tried.

TL;DR- They are random.

Fast Mana heroes take 8 tiles to charge, 10 for average, 12 for slow. Can you please record a video of your fast Mana heroes taking more than 8 tiles to charge? (Who don’t have a Mana reduction debuff)

If not, then I’ll also assume you’re imagining things.

Also, huge tile cascades are super random but that doesn’t mean they are distributed equally. If you are only winning fights with huge combos, I suggest you start here to improve your raid capabilities.


Sorry for the delay, but just getting back to this now.

The generation of the boards is absolutely not random. It can’t be. If it was random, then some battles would start with automatic gem matches. Since games do not start in that way, there must be some manipulation happening. It doesn’t matter what the official line is from Small Giant; the fact that games do not start with automatic matches means the boards (at least the initial generation of them) are not random.


Just guessing here, but maybe they are smart enough that if there was automatic matches, they would re-randomize it.
Just give the designer a little bit of credit and you can figure out basic stuff

The whole pvp system is a complete joke!
I could face someone with basically the same set up as me and I would check their skills and see that their hero’s are less advanced as mine and I still loose every time!

Or I would hit someone way weaker than my line up and they still win!!!

Like ■■■ is this ■■■■? You pay a little and the devs make it so you can win?
My hero’s are all maxed out in level AND skills
And yet some small ■■■ defender can blast all my guys one hit.

What a ■■■■■■■ joke.


That is indeed possible, however I don’t think it is likely because I have had a board load, and then immediately reshuffle because there were no matches. Again, that doesn’t mean your suggestion is wrong, just not likely.

The devs have previously confirmed that opening boards with matches are discarded and replacement boards generated. It’s not really rocket science.

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^^^ This.

Apparently they don’t check for “zero matches”:

I’m not sure is it a bug, but I attacked one player 6 times.

And whatever set of heroes I took, I’ve lost. Because of absolutely unlucky field. Such a “funny” game :angry:

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