What happens with wukong?


All science starts with observation.

I notice hearing more wooshes. Any of you wish to observe?

If someone says he has been doing something a long time the same eay, but now something is different is the first step. Saying you smell smoke is a better first step than just kicking back in a “fire proof apartment”.

Those of you who do have suggestions on how to check this out - check it out. I’m just reporting what my senses reported to me. Supports what OP says, but could be wrong.



I guess what I meant to say was that it’s bad business practice, regardless of how lucrative it may be for them.

As far as to why Guinevere dropped to 54% while Dominitia stayed the same. . . My guess would be that the devs decided that Guinevere was too powerful and too unfair to others who didn’t have her. From what I understand the beta testers also thought this was the case before they even released her but the devs, for whatever reason, decided to disregard the beta tester’s input initially. They only tweaked her after her release. On the other hand Dominitia is not over/under powered as she is at the moment so no need to change her.

I think it comes down to making sure heroes are balanced and that no one hero is way too powerful. But in my opinion the majority of the tweaking should be done prior to release to avoid having disgruntled customers such as myself :slight_smile:


I agree with what you said. Just because you don’t have hard data doesn’t mean what you observe isn’t true. Some things will be hard or even impossible to prove even though there is something wrong.

I just wanted to contrast your observation with mine.


Was trying to be helpfull too. Thank you.

Just thought OP might be on to something. If so, I don’t know the devs to ask.

But satisfied it was brought up.

Again, thanks.


You’re right: all science starts with observation. It’s certainly appropriate to think that you’re hearing more ‘whooshes’, think that this warrants discussion and investigation, so come to the forum to talk about it. That would be smart.

But it’s not appropriate to think that you’re hearing more ‘whooshes’, conclude conclusively that Wu Kong has been secretly nerfed, then post your furious findings to the forum. That would be silly.


I have read your posts and those replying to you. No one is calling anyone else a liar, merely stating that if you want to prove that a nerf has occurred (rather than merely guess at it), you must record an unbiased sample of this occurring.

As SG is well-known for publicly stating when nerfs occur, other players aren’t taking your post as seriously as they might if you had evidence. That’s all. :wink:


Did not know sg practices. Just knew from posts saying don’t ever kill a high level currently useless hero as devs may nerf.
Can work other way as everyone keeps Wu.
Hi, Rook


Last night I felt the same thing. My Wu King seemed to be missing significantly more than usual. Not used to popping a diamond and seeing a screen full of Miss Miss Miss Miss!.

Anecdotal, add me to the list.


There is/was a visual bug that wukong’s consecutive misses didn’t show the text. Could it be that it was fixed and that causes this perceived nerf?


Wu Kong is well wu Kong, when his ability hits it hits a ton, when it misses it costs you severely, when ability is based on luck you’ll end up with what you end up with in the end, same with any game of chance. Sometimes he rules sometimes sux, just the way of the wu…


Maybe someone with enough motivation and investment in Wu Kong will start gathering stats to check the miss ratio.

Sure, it’s worth raising the possibility. If it doesn’t gain support it could mean that others with Wu Kong aren’t actually observing the same, in which case it may be possible that it’s observer’s bias. Or it could mean that you are sufficiently observant and/or sufficiently versed with the historical performance of the character that you could be one of the first to notice the trend.

Either way, the only way to concretely support the viewpoint or take the conversation forward in any meaningful way is for someone to start counting. Until then it’s really just idle chitchat.

Am I going to do it? Nah. I haven’t noticed a sufficiently large degradation in my Wu Kong Performance or my average Titan scores (I always use Wu Kong against Titans) to feel it’s worth my time to gather the stats. But if someone is sufficiently interested and wants to gain the attention of the community and/or developers to address the possibility, then supporting the claim with stats is the only real way to go.


Is through those-32% actually is more than 50% miss and hi miss big time like. He does the job only half then supposed to do. I think they touch it a bit more then necessary. Mine is 4/60 and when I Raid I take him in the team but now I wonder if is worth that or i should change with Onatel away stronger than Wu


The stats for wu Kong… are as they should be… gamblers stance, roll the dice. , I think that says it all… he has saved me, he has also let me down. Either way I still love my wukong


Wu hits and misses. But one thing i don’t understand is that if tiles are about to do minor damage lets say against titan, those tiles will most likely hit but if i have Boldtusk and Guardian Falcon special active and two other red heroes and wu against green titan, it’s legendary how many misses it makes.

Greater the damage = a lot more misses. It’s almost like a certaintity that if one tile is about to do 3000 damage, it misses the target with over 70% chance.
Why on earth it’s like that? Wu’s card does not say anything about color stacking accuracy drop.


This is because of the game mechanics. When you do not have a hero of a particular color, there is no buff from Wu for that color. Henceforth, those color tiles will still hit for 1 point 100% of the time.

The stacks that you use are still subject to the chance of a miss because those heroes have the Wu buff.


That is why when using Wu against a titan, it’s best to hit the weak spot with a vertical combo in a color you aren’t using. It’s a guaranteed stun, at least on low level titans, because his miss chance doesn’t apply to the tiles without heroes, instead of a 30% chance of a miss for each tile in a color you have.


You can´t be serious with this one. I am using Wu-Kong quite a lot as well… mine is working like always… sometimes good, sometimes not as good. In last two wars / titans he was doing very well… above average. Maybe devs have changed the stats only by your Wu-Kong?! Really?!


Toc, (missed).

What the…?

Nevermind, it’s Wu trying to tell us a joke :wink:


surely wukong`s hability is not real. As you said before, -32% feels like 75%. Every time when I make combo of 3 stones, ALWAYS miss 2 or 3. I suspect game is inverting this probability. -32% chance to miss and 68% chance to hit are inverted in my opinion of course.
Can some developer take a look?



Everything is fine with Wu Kong!
The real problem is that some of you aren’t able to learn how to use him.

Wu Kong = tile damage monster.
Use his special last! Use every other special first! Use his special if you have a lot of good stones, the more the better!