What happens with wukong?

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What have they done with wukong? I throw the question on the air, since they will give me an answer talking about the randomness of -32% accuracy.
I have wukong for months at the most, and I use it in all my teams, assaults, defense and titan. It is clear that when using his ability the range of failure was greater, but what about this couple of days, I think it is too much.
We are not talking about -32%, we are talking about more than 75%, being even greater when the gems are the most harmful color to the target.
I do not like the practice of SG, to raise or lower the stats of the heroes, once they are in the game, as well as that overnight, a hero that was the best game, it is better to remove it since it is totally broken.
We invest the money in a determined hero, since we see his stats, and they can be of our interest, and after a while, unilaterally, SG lowers his stats, without any type of compensation, giving him the amount of money that you have invested to get that hero
I speak from the knowledge, since it has happened to me with Ares, Athena and Alberich, coincidentally, heroes of the month.

Please fix what you have played in wukong, and leave it as it was.

Thank you

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I had my best hit a couple days ago with Wu so… I can’t really see your point.


I can definitely understand the frustration of getting a bad string of luck, but that is just how it goes. The chances of rolling a 1 on a 6 sided die are only 17%, but you may roll a 1 ten times in a row. That is both the frustrating and brilliant theme Small Giant created with this game. Sorry to be a downer, I hope your luck gets better!


Maybe you aren’t feeding him the right foods? Mine only liked Bananas and I kept trying to feed him Titans.

He’s left me now and I wish I listened. Don’t be like me. Wu is a good monkey who deserves your love.


You do not have to talk to me of gusts, I have been wukong in all my teams for months, the day between titans, assaults and map, I can do + 50 attacks, all always with wu, I know how it works and its precision lottery, and not I’m the only one who has noticed this couple of days, hence my complaint.

You should not trust your own perception, and you should definitely not trust the perception of others who agree with you. We know from behavioural psychology that humans love to see things that aren’t really there, and love to egg each other on in their misperceptions. We’re funny creatures.

If you want to be robust about this, collect some data. Record a decent (unbiased) sample of hits and misses under Wu’s special. Calculate the accuracy impact in that sample. Post your results.

If you measure something that looks interesting, then you might get other people to start collecting data too, to bolster the sample size. That’s how we can develop reasonable estimates of things we see in the game.

If that seems too hard then I’m with @2Spookd - feed him bananas.


My bad, I definitely did not mean to offend you. I only shared that response because like @Brobb is saying, I have seen hundreds of complaints on here that are merely posted in frustration. It would certainly be interesting if a subtle nerf has been made to Wu. It seems that he is the hot topic at the moment as people are realizing what a game changer he can be. Take care, and best of luck in your research!

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I do not take offense, I accept any comment about it, but I thought it was a forum to comment on the game, I did not know that everything that is not brought with numbers or videos, they already dismiss it as lying or frustration.
I have not started yesterday in the game, I’m level 41, and I just started playing in July. I play daily and I dedicate several hours a day, and when there is a change like that, it shows, it’s not a simple bad run.


I doubt hey would have stealth nerfed him for a few reasons:

  1. They have been upfront about all hero nerfs
  2. They nerfed wu 10 mos ago or so and there was much discussion, they then buffed him a little (healing unaffected) why would they hide it this time?
  3. They just buffed/nerfed several heros. Not only did they announce details, they gave them to beta for testing and tweaking. Wu was not a part of this group? Why would they withhold him? Further why wouldn’t they want him tested along with other changing heros?

All you say is true… but then again what @Brobb and @Tallman said is true as well.

You are welcome to post your thoughts that Wu may be deteriorating in accuracy or may have been stealth nerfed… but it is inevitable that without any supporting evidence you will get the types of responses that you got.

I certainly don’t doubt your word on your history and experience with Wu… but the way you get the community (and the developers) to sit up and take notice is to strengthen your point with evidence. It ultimately will boil down to this. Even if everyone believed you… how do we then proceed if the developers come in and deny any stealth nerf? We’d have to then prove them wrong by gathering evidence.

Consider also that it may not be a nerf… it could be a legitimate bug introduced by some other tweak. Who knows? But you can only make the case by presenting evidence of it. It means the Devs have nowhere to hide if they DID stealth nerf… or it means the Devs will sit up and notice if they didn’t and it looks like a bug.

Until then, it’s only anecdotal, and unfortunately that’s unlikely to gather much by way of action by the devs.


Ok my friends, continue with your crusade of defense of randomness, and that the data remain opaque, so goes the game.

If I was someone with the ability to give evidence with video or whatever I would; however, I had to find a youtube vid just to figure out how this cell grabs a screenshot.

What I do know is my ears are good. I hear alot more woosh these days after Wu enabled. It may be just a run, but it has been noticed.

Be careful, do not say that, that the defenders will come to tell you that you are a liar!

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You don’t need a video… in fact a video of a single encounter would not be conclusive.

Suggested approach:
See if you can count his misses on discrete matches you do that don’t lead to massive cascades of combos… i.e. you see where you can match 3, 4 or 5 and it doesn’t appear that the match will cause combos, look at score before and after and from there you can tell how many missed. Gather this over about 100 attempts or so. Check if your hits account for the correct 68% or so proportion.

You’ll probably start seeing a proportion before the 100, but more data is better data as it smooths the noise in the random events.

I don’t think it has been suggested that anyone is a liar. Did I miss a post somewhere?

What has been suggested is that human perception is a useless measuring tool. People almost inevitably have far greater confidence in their estimates than is warranted, we systematically see patterns where none exist, see change where no change has happened, and uniformly suffer from confirmation bias. We also echo and reinforce each other’s paranoia and prejudice.

None of these statements are remotely controversial. So if you want to come to the forum complaining about what you think you have observed, then you had better present more than anecdotal evidence if you want to be taken seriously.

Your opinion is welcome regardless, but without supporting data you’re just entertainment.


Before calling the FBI, try reading this thread


And odd that the thread you link has evidence of players actually looking at damage figures and constructing a case to support the claim… :wink:

ok fellas, I’ll be wrong !! No need to call the FBI

@sharpei04 I agree that there is too much tweaking of heroes after people have invested much to get them. Like I’ve said in other posts, it’s not good business for the devs to advertise a hero w certain stats, have people spend a lot of to get them, then all the sudden change the stats whenever they feel like it.

All said and done, however, I do not believe Wu Kong has changed. I use him a lot myself and he has remained as inconsistent as he had been for me.

Just my personal opinions and observation, feel free to disagree.

In one thing you are wrong, if it is a business, and very lucrative. Why they go down to HOTM or event heroes, because they are the ones that most people spend to get them, and they are the most used, Ares, Athena, Alberich …
But I ask you another question, so that you think the answer, and reconsider:

Because they only lower Ginever from 94% to 54%, and continue to maintain, for example, Domitia with the same percentage of defense?

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