What happens with the calculation of military power?

For over two weeks we have been getting opponents who have great teams and we have much weaker ones. I think the algorithm is broken. Once the opponent was comparable, but now it’s a mockery. What’s happening?

The devs have what they call “The War Room,” where they sit down, pick one alliance they really want to win, and one alliance they really want to lose. They then match these alliances up against each other for their own amusement.

They have to do this for about 500k alliances, though, and that’s why War matchmaking takes about 20 hours.

From what I’m told by the moderators (and @zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Rook @Kerridoc, back me up on this), that they’d heard firsthand from the devs, it is “the most gruelling and tedious part of their job, but also the most rewarding.” I think it’s because they get to see the reactions the next day of the alliances they put in the handpicked loser pile.

So the mockery assumption is, in fact, correct. To my understanding. But I could be wrong.



Most likely, you got stronger.

Comparing Defenses isn’t super useful for understanding matchmaking, since your top 30 Heroes are taken into account. It’s easy as you increase your bench depth to get matches where they have stronger Defenses than you, but your overall War Scores are similar.

For what it’s worth, I can relate. As we’ve gotten stronger, we face alliances with Defenses that are vastly stronger than ours.

It definitely makes War more challenging, and good strategy all the more important.


I think you’re mis-remembering a bit. I seem to recall that they kept a “naughty” list and a “nice” list based on cutting complaints or fawning flattery (respectively) made on the forums. The hand-matching process then only needs to encompass pitting the “nice” alliances against the “naughty” ones and setting the “bad boards for you!” Flag on the naughty alliance.



Same thing happened to us recently as we are now faced with an enemy alliance having the same uni-colored tank, employing the same strategies but with stronger tanks. We don’t complain as we WERE winning wars left and right consecutively since we implement strictly several war roles, rules, strategies, protocols and chronology. We need to be pitted against stronger alliances in order to have other members who have yet to shine step on the limelight and emerge victorious on their respective tasks. Without a great challenge, alliance war would be boring. How can you play a game and enjoy it knowing you can just rag-doll the enemy. That’s nothing short of bullying.


The wrong thing at warscore is adding points after every victory. Then the warscore doesn’t reflect your true power, obviously. If someone who comes after 1-2 victories meet someone who comes after 1-2 defeats, the two alliances are very unballanced. That’s why many alliances reset their warscore after completing a warchest; they remake the alliance, start a new one. I do this too :slight_smile: I crush my opponents every time; I forgot when was the last time I lost at war. I make double of points at least against my opponents. Despite their defenses, I can see in battlefield they have almost nothing left after 2-3 attacks. I have 6 strong attacks and remaining heroes for making more. And I look to their alliances and I see the joining date. 1-2 years, sometimes more. That’s why their warscore is pretty much the same with mine, but in fact, they are much weaker than I. I just wanted to be fair, that’s why I pointed this out :slight_smile:

Just now, at the curent war, I alone made a score bigger than their alliance all together (our alliances are 3 members only). I attacked only 2 of my opponents, the strongest. Purple tank both, one with Kunchen and the other with Obakan. Their power defenses, one 4132 and the other 4176. I won all 6 attacks and I made more points than all 3 opponents. This is what I’m saying. Even if our warscore is the same, they obviously are much weaker. After 2 attacks they don’t have the fire power to do anything. And this happens war after war. I explained already why. Would be more fair for everyone to take out that add after every victory. Of course, it works fine for me now, but I wish the wars to be fairer.

P.S. I didn’t put any screenshot because I don’t know how to erase the names of my opponents :slight_smile: I just found out these days is not allowed on the forum, with visible names.

@Scarecrow I know what you’re saying. We got matched with an alliance that apart for one member has members that joined in the last weeks/days. I was really upset, despite our war efforts, to see they’re 1k points ahead, but as you guys said, the matching system isn’t perfectly ballanced.
My question is… don’t you lose on the long run @ titan loot?

Have you had members coming and going?

Actually this is second reason for doing so. After two weeks the titans are too much for us, being only 3 members. We wait for the 5* rare unicorn wich happens in the same time with our 5th victory; with flask, we get the emblems :slight_smile: We remake the alliance because we finish another wave of titans that matters to chest. Btw, I got two epic AM at last two chests. And 3* and 4* titans drop often rare items, because always our score is A+ and A.

P.S. We just finished the attacks at war. The score: 8220 - 3007. I just don’t wanna be in their shoes. I don’t think they have even half of our fire power. OK, I am a very good player and rarely lose one attack of six, even against 4200+ opponents, but even so… The matter here is about the warscore doesn’t reflect the reality. Not even close. Like I said, I don’t complain, works great for me, but many alliances suffer because this unfair war matching.

I found the matchmaking for full alliances quite fair…
My alliance is at 56,6% win rate for the last 30 wars(17W-13L)…
Only a few times 29vs29 but there is not a big gap usually…
The the win/loose war bonus is about 1.66k points … its less than a great player rooster vs a weak palyer rooster difference…
But for low/middle lvl aliances with less than 20 members it might have more influence…
But for my alliance i really think its balanced…

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I disagree. The stats of your heroes alone doesn’t speak to the skill of your alliance—which contributes hugely towards your “true power”.

The bump to your war score from a win is small and bounded. A successful alliance will see harder foes but still be able to maintain a winning record overall. It’s not like raids, where if you have a long win streak you can find yourself atop the leaderboard.


Let’s agree to disagree then :slight_smile: An alliance which comes after some victories in a row and meets me after I reseted my warscore, has a warscore increased, right? In fact, they don’t stand a chance. C’mon now, I have no interest to lie. At my first wars when I start a new alliance, the opponents have defenses between 3500-3900. We have 4200 (mine) and two of 4100. How could be this fair? :slight_smile: It’s only logical because their increased score. And another thing… This war, the 4th victory in a row we had the two I already said above and one of 3600+. The weight of their greatest heroes affects the warscore too. Perhaps they have few strong and talented heroes and very little after… And we know which scores the most weight in warscore. So I am asking you again. How could be fair a war between my teams and 3500-3900 their teams? You know, I will send you a ss next week, when I will be again at my first war. You won’t believe your eyes, trust me on this :slight_smile: Now, like I said, I have no reason to complain :rofl: But you know, many alliances do like me. I know this for sure. I trained some of them :rofl:

Resetting the war score is not the normal way to play, you should consider that. For an alliance with only 3 members this might be a reasonable choice, but the effort increases with every member.

Still, many alliances do that. That add is not normal either. The warscore should reflect only the value of the heroes and troops. If devs would remove that add, the alliances which reset their score, won’t do that anymore. And everything would come back to normal and the warmatching would be almost perfect due to the fire power of two alliances.

How do you reser the war score? By opt-out for several wars?

Leaving the alliance and make a new one. A lots of titans in a row for titan chest also:)

Ah i see Scarecrow, that only works if only few members in the alliance. Thank you bro!:hugs:

Yes, indeed. I cannot see 25-30 members remake an alliance so easily, although some do this. The main reason are the titans I think. Should be a very unite alliance to work this way. Everyone should understand the 1* titans should be hit only with harpoons and give up, so everyone to hit the titan.

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