What happens with extra tiles?

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but after seeing Zero being very carefull and calculating which heroes to feed to level up Gregorian the following question came to me.

If i need just 3 tiles to hit special and i make a 3 tiles ghost, of course the special will start. What happens with the extra 3 i could use next time? Will it be gone so do i have to take care i save the 3 tiles ghost for next time?

I really don’t know.

Mana is not saved for the next charge. After you fire a special, you will always go back to zero mana regardless of how much mana you gained before casting.

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If I understand your question correctly, yes, the extra mana over what you need to ready the special will be wasted, so picking your shots is important.

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To add to the above good advice: be careful when you pop a gem. Suppose you have Jackal needing only a match-3 to fire, and a board with both a yellow match and a yellow gem. Make the match, fire Jackal, then pop the gem, which will probably power Jackal again. So you’ll get two specials fired instead of one (and in the case of Jackals’s special or other defense debuffs, drop the gem’s tiles on weakened foes).


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