What happens when you're stuck

What do you do when your stuck with either no one to ascend or you Just do not have the ascension material to ascend anyone. For example I have been waiting forever for 6 royal tabards but Because the game Very rarely gives u an ascension items especially royal tabards My heros are stuck on the same level. also the ascension items I do have I do not have the hero’s for them since I keep crapping out on my pulls cause it so hard to get lucky with odds they give you on pulling these 5* heros. So now I’m stuck playing and doing the same things over and over and I can’t get any further cause of lack of hero or ascension items that I need. I have been playing this game for 2 years now and I only have 2 5* purple/dark hero’s fully ascended. On top of that I’m also stuck in my trophy count I’ve been stuck between 2400 to 2500 for over a year. Every time I go up in trophies I wake up to be back down with people attacking me. I can’t get stronger defense if I can’t get stronger hero’s but even if I did pull the hero’s I can’t get the ascension items. So what’s the point

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I think this should be posted in the general category as it is not an idea or feature request.
Do you complete all events and rare quests and play on daily basis to fill your chests and kill titans?
Playing for 2 years you should have mats for more than 2 of an element even not spending.
2400-2600 is a usual trophy score for a strong defense when coming back in the morning

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Depends. Are we talking about holding onto everything for 5-star heroes? I’ll ascend 4-star heroes that I could use in an auxiliary team until I have the ascension materials for the 5-star assuming I have an abundance of ascension items for the 4-star. Or even ascending auxiliary 3-star heroes that are useful in 3-star Raid Tournaments.

I would also say that putting more efforts towards targeted heroes would be an endeavor. I have a slew of 5-stars, but they aren’t the very best 5-star heroes. I have Seshat and Kingston at max ascension, which other players brag about, but I still get my butt handed to me in raids even with those two. So, I need a better supporting cast to those two. So I work for it.

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Exactly, you would think I would have more but I don’t. And yes I play everyday and every event. It’s not just me, My whole alliance as a whole keep complaining about the mats or lack of that we are not getting. Titan chests are a joke. Elementals chests have been really bad lately. We use to get a lot better loot it seemed like a year ago but this past year has been pretty far and between

No I have all my 4 * hero’s fully ascended. It’s the 4* ascension items that are I’ve had hard time collecting. Specifically the royal tabards. It’s also demoralizing my alliance. They are starting to want to quit because frustration especially from lack of mats that we get from titan loot or war chest loot. We are currently on 8* titans. I’ve spent money on the game and it just seems past year mostly that it’s been harder and harder to get mats or hero’s. Like this past 30 some pulls I didn’t get one 5* hero but than again what’s the point even if I got any one good i don’t have the mats to ascend them. Just feeling stuck lately not going anywhere and it makes me and my alliance start to lose interest cause we can’t grow anymore

I would still work towards ascending duplicate 4-star heroes to serve as auxiliary heroes for color-stack battles in Raids and Wars and also Rare Heroes for the 3-star Raid Tournaments.

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Are you running TC20? You should be pulling a 5* every 6 weeks on average for each TC20. As far as AMs you should be picking up at least 2 4* s a month from rare quests which has nothing to do with odds. I’ve been playing about the same amount of time as you. I am a FTP player and don’t have as bad of issues as you seem to be having.

I do have tc20 actually have two running at all times. I’ve gotten a lot of duplicates like I have 4 Richards and others. But again it’s the mats that’s the issue. The 5* heros is an issue when I’m referring to the special ones like Atlantis or the other special events. Those are the ones I keep missing out on. But even the the regular 5* heros that I have I can’t ascend anyways cause the lack of mats. I just feel stuck and at the edge of quitting. I have a lot of duplicate 4* that I have fully ascended. Example I literally have 3 rigards that I have fully ascended. I’m at the stage where there is no more reason to get recruits cause I can’t get ascend anyone anymore. All my 5* that aren’t fully ascended are stuck at 3 stripes but than again I don’t need another Richard, I have 6 other regular 5* blues but they are also stuck. Anyways I’m just venting. I just wish this game gave better stuff more frequently the more a player is leveled up. I’m at level 58. They should maybe consider making the higher your level the better your odds are of getting special 5* or HOTM and better odds of getting the mats required. Some say u do as u get stronger titans but I have not seen any more than when I was beating 4* titans than now that we are at 8* titana

I’m not free to play and I get stuck too. I’m very much a whale so I have a huge roster of heroes to pick from and I still often feel stuck because I lack enough materials to keep up with all the heroes I have

My suggestion to you is to hang in there. As someone else mentioned, you should get 2 per month for free. If you can speed up the rate that you fill your chests with gems, that may help. Also, you could move to an alliance with strong titans (if not in one already) as the loot drops are better on harder titans.

The last thing I will say is that your trophies being stimuli at 2400-2500 is normal. In the highest tier, not many people can get to 2600-2700+ and stay there. Being in 2400-2500 is really the sweet spot. I go to bed and wake up sometimes having lost 300 trophies or more.


maybe you can pull back the amount you’re playing for a while, only doing rare quests and challenge events etc, things that can get you AM mats. For a couple of months, and then you can evaluate if you wanna come back to this game with more dedication (at which point you have more AM mats to work with), or if you wanna fade away and do something else with your time

In my experience, it’s the luck of the draw. I drew two Velas back around xmas/new years day. On a couple draws. I got lucky I’ve been on here about 18 months 14 _five stars. 34 -four stars again I be lucky

Wait - you’ve been playing 2 years, you’re level 58 and you’re hitting 5* titans? That’s got to be a huge part of your problem. I have a FTP account for about 2 years. I have at least 3 of each color 5* maxed, and a few more waiting for 1 mat.

Some months ago I found out that you get more opportunities for mats at 8* titans. You may not like hearing this, but you need to move to an alliance taking down at least 8-9* titans regularly. You’ll find the mats come a little more freely there.

I left an alliance I liked because it just couldn’t get past the 7* mark. New alliance takes down all 12s, some 13s and we just killed our first 14 yesterday.

I don’t have any 5* heros other than season 1 either, I just do my best with what I have.

Also, do be sure to complete EVERY rare quest that features a 4* mat, even if you have to burn items like crazy to do so. The best thing you can do in the game!


I would second what Ragnarock says about the rare quests. It sounds like you should have a decent enough roster to complete those to get specific ascension materials.

Mystic visions can also hold the occasional surprise in my experience.

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What this guy said. You need to fight strong get titans. You won’t gain all of your materials overnight, but you will get many more of them!

Level up duplicate 3* and 4*. I am working on my 5th wu kong due to lack of darts and abundance of orbs.

Just level extras of what is useful to you in war ( boldtusk, rigard, etc)

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Sorry that was a typo, we are currently fighting 8* titans not 5*

I also think you need an alliance that is fighting higher level titans. I can’t relate to having nobody to level. I have been playing almost 2 years and I have 39 unleveled 5* and about the same 4*. I have 19 fully leveled 5* and 20 fully leveled 4* heroes. Most of my 3* ascension mat inventory is between 30-40 of each item. I am unsure other than finding a more challenging alliance. I am C2p so it’s not like I have dumped a ton of money in either.

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  • 2400-2500 cups … it is pretty much impossible to leave the game much higher than that and not find yourself knocked down to 2600 or less. I’m in an alliance that would be top-100 if we weren’t down a few members and the only people over 2650 are online.
  • stuck on ascension mats. 8* and 9* titans give better loot than lower ones, but if you can find an alliance killing bigger ones than that it does get better. But even with killing 13-14* titans, 4* mats are still rare. Just not quite as rare.

I complete every quest. It’s mostly the royal tabards that I’ve noticed they dont do many quests for. Like I mentioned before I only have 2 5* dark/purple heros ascended since I’ve been playing. I have 4 or 5 other dark/purple 5* that been stuck on 3 stripes seems like forever. Again correction I accidentally wrote we are fighting 5* titans, I meant 8* titans but I don’t see too much difference from when we were taking out 4* titans. Also I do fill every chest and loot seems to gotten worse. Even this last war These last war chests I didn’t get any 4* mats. Actually I don’t even remember the last time I gotten 4* mat from any chest for a while now. And I’m not the only one saying this our alliance as a whole are all frustrated with the loot lately in the last few months so I know it isnt just me

I was c2p now ftp but still have mats to do 2 more blue and red plus 1 green and purple and have all the s1 but sartana and marjana that I want and will level though I need azlar quintus, elkanen and Thorne to have all of them but won’t max them.

I agree the chests have gotten dry as my last 2 elemental including a green today had not one gold token or 3,4 non farm mat. But I did just get rings and a red 3* trainer from a mv then b2b keys from next 2 mv. So 8t works out I guess.

I have heroes to level and while I have 2 dupe joon I just got Leo who I’m working on and Richard instead of a dupe magni so I have variety . Same with my 4s I haven’t done dupes since I’d rather have new ones though it’s near time for dupes instead of Skittles or a few others.

I only have 1 hotm Grimble and 1 s2 hero, Mitsuko after 2 year’s playing. Tc20 is very nice but after sartana and marjana pop up idk what to look forward to. I have seen 5he s3 cards and they look great but like s2 I likely won’t get the 5s. But I have all s2 3 and 4 except Wilbur who I really want.

Hopefully the ha is good or I will likely feel the same as you. I enjoy the quest and events but want a new hero once in a while. They could offer a new hero every 6 months as a loyalty thing like other games. Or make ha decent to turn in dupes to get old hotm. I’d love any of those first gen hotm.
For me it’s darts that are rare despite doing all rare quests they don’t show up in other spots like the other mats seem to and I’d like to max Leo without doing 6 Shiloh deserts lol.

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Jrock142, you just have to do what we all do: wait. I am also waiting for Royal Tabards for Ursena, but they’ll come slowly. I think in your alliance one person starting complaining about mats, and then all agreed and that creates a very bad athmosphere which is hard to get rid of - even if you suddenly get mats. btw, if you check out all events and participate you will find they are coming your way. I would change alliances and join one witg a more positive outlook.