What happens when you put 2 or more heroes of same class in team?

Like above. I suggest all the defense offence and health bonusses will be there.

I’m curious what happens with the special like wounds. Will it stack or replace?

Anyone from beta who knows the answer?

By tooltip it seems it would stack, I also read that two different color barbarians would “stack” so this seems the case… but they would stack with “their own damage” and I don’t know if there would be any cap for it. But if we need a safe response…

@Kerridoc did you know if I said something wrong?

See this post:

For Wound, each Barbarian tile may inflict a wound, and those wounds stack. But because each tile belongs to one and only one hero, there is no issue about how the Wounding from two heroes on one tile combine.


You will need Thanos and his gauntlet snap…

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