What happens when VIP expires before 2nd builder is finished?

VIP expires before 2nd builder is finished with his/her current toil?
I think @Rook has answered it before, but I cant find it

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The building will continue until finished. You will then be stuck with only one until you renew your VIP. Hope this helps :blush:



Completely helped, thank you.
I thought that was the case, just wanted to confirm what I read before.
2nd question:
I just started the research phase of my 1st TC20. Does that occupy a builder?

No. Research is entirely separate from builders, though you can’t do any other work with the building while it’s going on.

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Researching in Craftin Station or Training Camps will not occupy any of your builders, but you won’t be able to upgrade the building that is doing the research.

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Exactly what @GeoDragonSlayer and @Paulon just said

Understood, @GeoDragonSlayer

Mind fart on my part. I just realized, after looking at my phone, that I have two builders working while also researching…



Your comment, dear sir, just made my day :joy:

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Glad to assist :grin:


My puter is slow, seems your comment just posted.

Thank you.

What happens if your vip pass expires while you have your second builder busy building? Does he abandon his job site?

He’ll finish his job and then retires after he’s done. :smile: