What happens when turning barrack back to forge and back to barrack

We have a theoretical discussion (no one wants to try).

I myself have tried following cause i used by accident a farm to make a barrack :slight_smile: I converted it back and the forge didn’t cost ham to convert to barrack. But i didn’t level the barrack :smiley:

We now have a discussion:

What happens if you level a Barrack (say to level 5), you level it back to forge and then again transform it to Barrack. My answer would be you get a level 1 barrack. My alliance fellow says the barrack will be a level 5 again. Has someone ever tried this?

You keep the same barracks level that you built it up to. I moved a level 10 barracks from one forge to another so I could level the old forge under it, and the barracks was still level 10 with all my troops after I converted it back to a level 5 forge, then converted a different, level 20, forge back into the barracks.