What happens to "Wanted: monster" chest loot?

Firstly, I’m sorry if this discussion is already running somewhere else. I’m not been able to find it on “search” so just delete it if already on the run

However, recently (approx from where the raid chest tiers where added) I’ve notice a huge drops on quantity and quality of loot from monster chests.
In the past (started on august) have been normal to me to find 3-5 gems, one or two crafting mats AND 1 or 2 battle items with some lucky drops from time to time
Now it seems to me the loot just give craps. 1 or 2 gems and 1 mat OR items.

In the past I’ve experimented strings of bad luck on chests so I am used to it. But now… now for more than one month (with 2/3 monster chests per day) things go pretty bad and I just getting
very bad loot. It’s seems that what has been a bad chest in the past is now the standard.
Maybe is just my impression but the same is happening within my ally so I’m just thinking that, while raid chests has been improved, monster chests has been nerfed.

no, is not a rant, I’ll happily take what it will come, just curious to hear other impressions



I’ve looked at my monster chests from Jan and Mar. I didn’t count everything, but I don’t see any drop in quality. Maybe a small drop in quantity, but possibly not even that.

Yes, I am fairly certain the loot has been nerfed in the regular Monster chests. This is around the time that raid tiers were introduced and alliance wars were getting rolled out.

Generally speaking, now you get ham and iron and 1-2 items, usually a couple gems, potions, or some arrows. If you even get an ascension item roll then you can consider yourself lucky; far more so if you pull a rare item from said roll.

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I also have a clear impression that loot quality from monster chest had been nerfed. This has become more common:

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The feathers are pretty…lol

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Yep, I use them for tickling! :smile:

Btw, this was this morning’s chest. Afternoon chest brought me more or less the same, plus a lvl 1 trainer. I still get decent rewards every now and then, but it just seems to be more of the crappy ones. No tracking, so no certainty. Could just be a streak of bad luck.


I have experienced the same lately. For a while now. The special monster chests (colors) have yielded me some good stuff when I get them. I don’t skip them like others so don’t get them as much as some.

I just got a MV with an Orb. That is a win.


Amon, Amon, Amon, Amon, Amon. ahahahahahaah here don’t work your “app Amon call”.
Ok, after that, yes the chest are bad bad bad. in the past better.

My loot just now

I just got a spectacular colored Rare Wanted chest but you’re not looking for those.

Honestly, monster chests have been paltry for a long while, so I havent noticed. :confused: I thought they were picking up recently!

What makes you say that

Because My recollection of them over the last few weeks has been “less than”. Here are a few screenshots:




These were all recent. You can see that the Monster one isn’t like the others. However my overall impression is that loot is going up in Wanted chests.

It s all so random. I can’t complain but some members haven’t got any compas the last 2 months and i got plenty of them. So they not happy.

We have folk searching for The Missing Gloves. :wink:

be my guest

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I just completed one and got a hidden blade with the rest of the usual stuff. I never expect the chests to give me anything phenomenal so I don’t get upset when I don’t get anything great. The way I see it is, I’m already farming, raiding and doing titan hits, so anything extra is just a bonus. I will get the stuff I need eventually.

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