What happens to Raid Tournament flags and matchups if you decide not to fight a team? Will you get the same team the next day?

So, let’s say you won the first four flags of the day and the fifth match gets you facing a defense team you stand no chance to defeat under normal circumstances… of course, you can’t re-roll, but what happens if you decide not to take the fight. I guess you will loose that flag and start the next day with 5 flags. But what happens to the enemy team? Does the new day reset your match or will you still face the same unbeatable defense the next day?

This is only a hypothetical question, of course, wasting the flag gains you no points at all, while loosing the battle still gets you the points for the enemy heroes you manage to kill.


I’ve already done this. You have to fight that team anyway. There’s no advantage.

I thought another team would come up, but no…


That’s sad you guys. Both of you really… should probably erase the game now!

Thanks for the kind advice, I’ll go erase my game now… I’m sure @Olmor will do the same asap…


Will now play whatever escapes, since I got used to while watching mystic visions. :wink:


It’s free loot … I put in five 3* the last tourney all level 1 cause im not into 3* and I placed 50 percent and got some emblems and stuff. Your idea is like budding into the line up af the soup kitchen a second Time just cause you might get away with it lmfao… that deserves not a c2p or f2p designation - it deserves a whole new category!

Moderators. We need to move this thread to the “all time legendary posts” category just for shots and giggles.

Yes, we should! Great idea! You’re the guest star!!!

Now, if you have nothing useful to add, please stay off this topic.


No way! I’m following you guys for sure… can’t wait to read your complaints when you think something’s unfair. The irony will be worth the laughs.

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If you got nothing better to do, be my guest, I couldn’t care less…

You’re both welcome.
No reason for a dispute here.



I guess I’m really confused as to how asking a question about how the last flag of the day works is sad. If the game allowed a reroll that way:

  1. I’d encourage them to fix it

But also

  1. Sometimes, the optimal strategy would be to delay for that reroll, thus buying yourself a better average score and one fewer loss

So…why is asking about what happens sad again?


I agree, if I have 3 strikes already and I come across a tough team on my last flag of the day I would also wonder if I should just wait until tomorrow, because if I lose that battle there will be no tomorrow. Now we have the answer that there is no reason to wait, and I find that information useful.


I think it may stall out the guy you’re fighting. Many of us experience tourneys where our defence doesn’t get hit - I wonder if that’s because we got paired with someone who just signed up for the basic mats and chooses not to play.


Yeah, that would be bad. That’s a design flaw if it works like that.


It’s the simplest explanation for so many people stalling out on defence

Right now - 3pm Eastern/NYC time and…

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If bugs were diamonds, Helsinki would be the new Amsterdam…


@Halifax, that would be a huge programming flaw. I’m 100% sure there are a lot of players that don’t use their flags, or use them at the last moment. That would mean lots of guys wouldn’t be attacked almost at all. On the other hand, whenever you climb high on the trophy scale, around 2800 cups you start getting attacked by multiple enemies at the same time. I know I’ve been attacked over 10 times in two or three minutes, so, the game supports multiple hits on the same defense at the same time… You think the rules are different for the tournament matches? Just wondering… anyway, that would be unfair.

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They simply should add revenges and everybodys def would get sth to do.

Or guarantee same amount of incoming attacks for everyone.

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That’s a good idea. It would bring some ballance to the tournaments. Same number of attacks same number of defenses. Only fair.


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