What happens re: bonus ascention item chest after more than 3x 30 Atlantis pulls?

I have not seen any definitive answer to the following situation. After 3x 30 Atlantis pulls, you get your 9 bonus ascension item chests. So far, so good (at least in my case, but many are left disappointed because RNGesus does not like them).

Now what happens if you do more Atlantis pulls with regards to bonus ascension item chests? Do these additional pulls count towards bonus ascension item chests for next month or not? For instance, if you do 10 more Atlantis pulls, do you get to open a bonus ascension item chest next month without having to do any summons? @Petri, @mhalttu?

Sould out - this what you get.

yeah, I know, but if you do more pulls after the chests are sold out for this month, do these extra pulls count for next month’s chests? That’s the question.

My bad, sorry. Good question indeed. My personal opinion - will start from zero. Only in case if chests are not sold out then there is some possibility that counter is not going to reset. Could be fair to people who are spending less. Just my personal opinion…

Answered here. So if you have used all 9 chests, further summons made during that event won’t count towards the next one: