What happens if you accidently convert an Advance Food Store back to normal and back to an Advanced

One of my alliance members converted one of their leveled advanced food stores back to a normal food by accident. When they converted it back to an advanced food store it started at level 1 again. This does not seem to be correct to me

why not? 20charactersforourLadyofDiscord

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Advanced building are gorram frakking over complicated and Zynga/ SGG only cares about 5* heroes as seen with THREE years without very simple quality of life improvements

([Suggestion] Production storage or consistent labeling ( 8+ links ))


If your teammate recently unlocked a new Advanced storage building, they can be confusing Advanced buildings when they reconvert.

In the image below I have 2x Advanced farm level 10 and 1x Advanced farm level 1 available to reconvert.

So it hides 1x Advanced Farm level 10 and it is easy to select the only Advanced Farm level 1 ( were the frak is the Level 1 label ) instead of one of the two Advanced farm level

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