What happens if war defense team is not set?

We have a new alliance member who just got thrown in war for the first time. He’s MIA in chat and his defense team is not setup. What happens in war? Does he get deferred to next war when he can setup a team or does he still count in war even when there is nothing setup for his defense?

His spot on the field will be removed and you fight with one fewer player. The point value of the alliance is set at 1500 so that will be divided among one fewer members.

What do you mean by “not setup”

If you mean that there are <5 heroes in their current war defence team, they will (as madmarv said) be removed from the field & you’re just a man down…

If they have the 5 heroes in their war defence team and you just mean that it isn’t “setup” to be coordinated, they will participate.

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