What happens if I feed an emblemed hero

Let’s say I have a 2* hero with emblems.
If I use it for food do the emblems disappear or are they recovered.?

An alliance member is in this situation and it would be a waste of a reset token

You can’t… Buy them back.

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You can’t use an Emblemed hero as a feeder.

Notice the “Hero Has Talents!” messages, and them being disabled for selection.


Hence they need to be disemblemed first-either by reset token or gems with loss of some emblems.
I emblemed Saran (1*) as noob (better than feeding first Bane I think). Decided to fed her to BT, but needed to disemblem her. And as noob, I used reset token as well…
Now realizing that reset token is legendary…

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@zephyr1. Thanks for the picture. I always lock my non feeders so I wouldn’t have seen that.

Hurry up and log out.
I need my revenge,
It’s cool to see forum dudes in raids. I fought @BarryWuzHere in a tournament recently.


lol ok, I just hopped out. :slight_smile:

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